4th Class Mental Ability Analogy


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Learning Objectives

  • To get aware of analogy.
  • Increasing interest about this segment of reasoning.
  • Improving the general awareness.
  • Increasing the word power.



Analogy means ‘Co-relation’. In other words, it is the way of establishing relation between two different objects, on the basis of some common features. Analogy may be of different types, which are discussed in this chapter.


(i) Profession

In these types of questions, two words are given. These words are related to each other in profession. Given below are the examples of analogy based on profession.

  1. Farmer: Field
  2. Warrior: Battlefield
  3. Engineer: Site
  4. Sailor: Ship
  5. Pilot: Cockpit
  6. Beautician: Parlour
  7. Artist: Theatre
  8. Actor: Stage
  9. Chef: Kitchen
  10. Lawyer: Court
  11. Scientist: Laboratory
  12. Teacher: School
  13. Doctor: Hospital
  14. Clerk: Office
  15. Servant: House
  16. Driver: Cabin
  17. Grocer: Shop
  18. Painter: Gallery
  19. Waiter: Restaurant
  20. Worker: Factory
  21. Umpire: Pitch
  22. Gambler: Casino



  • Chef: Kitchen, Chef works in a kitchen.
  • Farmer: Field, Farmer works in a field.
  • Warrior: Battlefield, Warrior fights in a battlefield.
  • Engineer: Site, Engineer works on a site.


Commonly Asked Question


1.            Doctor is related to Patient in the same way Lawyer is related to .

(a) Customer                  (b) Accused

(c) Magistrate                 (d) Client

(e) Doctor


Answer (d) is correct.

Explanation: Lawyer is related to Client.


2.          Chef is related to Restaurant in the same way Druggist is related to .

(a) Medicine                   (b) Pharmacy

(c) Store                        (d) Chemist

(e) Restaurant


Answer (b) is correct

Explanation: Druggist is related to Pharmacy.



(ii)     Dwelling Place

In this type of questions, words are related to each other as per their dwelling. For example:

  1. Bird: Nest
  2. Cattle: Barn, shed
  3. Dog: Kennel
  4. Chicken: Coop
  5. Pig: Sty
  6. Sheep: Fold
  7. Spider: Web
  8. Squirrel: Drey



  • Rabbit: Burrow, Rabbit lives in burrow.
  • Dog: Kennel, Dog lives in Kennel.
  • Horse: Stable, Horse lives in Stable.
  • Tiger: Lair, Tiger lives in lair.


Commonly Asked Question


1.          Fish: ?

(a) Stable                       (b) Den

(c) Aquarium                  (d) Aviary

(e) Kennel

Answer (c) is correct.

Explanation: Fish lives in Aquarium.



2.             Monk: ?

(a) Monastery                 (b) Den

(c) Aquarium                  (d) Aviary

(e) Kennel

Answer (a) is correct.

Explanation: Monk lives in Monastery.


(iii)      Quality

In this type of questions, words are related to each other on the basis of their quality. For example:

  1. Farmer: Crop
  2. Hunter: Prey
  3. Carpenter: Furniture
  4. Author: Book
  5. Goldsmith: Ornaments
  6. Butcher: Meat
  7. Cobbler: Shoes
  8. Poet: Poem
  9. Dramatist: Play Ballet
  10. Architect: Design
  11. Chef: Food
  12. Producer: Film



  • Producer: Film, Producer produces the film.
  • Judge: Judgement, Judge gives the judgment.
  • Teacher: Teaching, Teacher teaches the student.
  • Editor: Editing, Editor edits the newspaper.


Commonly Asked Question


1.            Mason: ?

(a) Wall                        (b) Education

(c) Newspaper                (d) Play

(e) Clothes


Answer (a) is correct.

Explanation: Mason builds a wall.


2.            Tailor: ?

(a) Wall                       (b) Clothes

(c) Newspaper                (d) Play

(e) Education


Answer (b) is correct.

Explanation: Tailor stitches the clothes.


(iv) Relation

In this type of questions, words are related to each other in relation. For example:

  1. Horse: Colt
  2. Hen: Chicken
  3. Sheep: Lamb
  4. Butterfly: Caterpillar
  5. Insect: Larva
  6. Dog: Puppy



  • Man: Child, Child is the young one of man.
  • Duck: Duckling, Duckling is the young one of duck.
  • Lion: Cub, Cub is the young one of lion.
  • Hen: Chicken, Chicken is the young one of hen.


Commonly Asked Question


1.         Cow: ?

(a) Calf                          (b) Lamb

(c) Cub                                      (d) Child

(e) Larva

Answer (a) is correct

Explanation: Calf is the young one of cow.



2.            Cat: ?

(a) Cub                                      (b) Lamb

(c) Kitten                                    (d) Child

(e) Larva

Answer (c) is correct.

Explanation: Kitten is the young one of cat.


(v)     Function

In these types of questions, words are related to each other according to functions performed. For example:

  1. Shield: Guard
  2. Sword: Slaughter
  3. Mattock: Dig
  4. Filter: Purify
  5. Steering: Drive
  6. Pen: Write
  7. Spanner: Grip
  8. Spoon: Feed
  9. Microscope: Magnify
  10. Spade: Dig
  11. Shovel: Scoop
  12. Chisel: Carve
  13. Oar: Row



  • Needle: Sewing, A needle is used for sewing.
  • Loudspeaker: Amplifying sound, Loudspeaker is used for amplifying the quality of sound.
  • Gun: Shooting, Gun is used for shooting.
  • Knife: Cutting, A knife is used for cutting.


Commonly Asked Question


1.            Axe: ?

(a) Grind                        (b) Cutting

(c) Shooting                   (d) Sewing

(e) None of these

Answer (b) is correct.

Explanation: Axe is used for cutting.


2.            Auger: ?

(a) Grind                        (b) Cutting

(c) Bore                                     (d) Shooting

(e) None of these


Answer (c) is correct.

Explanation: Auger is used for boring.


(vi) Expertise    

In these types of questions, words are related to each other according to their expertise. For example:

  1. Carpenter: Saw
  2. Woodcutter: Axe
  3. Tailor: Needle
  4. Labourer: Spade
  5. Soldier: Gun
  6. Sculptor: Chisel
  7. Mason: Plumb line
  8. Chef: Knife



  • Warrior: Sword, Sword is used by Warrior.
  • Gardener: Harrow, Harrow is used by Gardener.
  • Surgeon: Scalpel, Scalpel is used by Surgeon.
  • Author: Pen, Pen is used by Author for writing.


Commonly Asked Question


1.            Farmer: ?

(a) Pen                                      (b) Scalpel

(c) Harrow                       (d) Plough

(e) Sword

Answer (d) is correct.

Explanation: Plough is used by Farmer.


2.            Doctor: ?

(a) Pen                                      (b) Gun

(c) Harrow                       (d) Plough

(e) Stethoscope

Answer (e) is correct.

Explanation: Stethoscope is used by Doctor.


(vii) Buildings and Monuments

In these types of questions, words are related to each other as in buildings and monuments belonging to a particular place. For example:

  1. Taj Mahal: Agra
  2. Red Fort: New Delhi
  3. Qutab Minar: New Delhi
  4. Victoria Memorial: Kolkata
  5. India Gate: New Delhi
  6. Gateway of India: Mumbai
  7. Taj Hotel: Mumbai
  8. Jama Masjid: New Delhi
  9. Char Minar: Hyderabad
  10. Agra Fort: Agra
  11. Gol Ghar: Patna
  12. Eiffel Tower: Paris
  13. White House: Washington DC
  14. Rashtrapati Bhavan: New Delhi



  • Sanchi Stupa: Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi Stupa is located in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Ashok Pillar: Sarnath, Ashok Pillar is located in Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Nalanda University: Bihar, Nalanda University is located in Bihar.
  • Hawa Mahal: Rajasthan, Hawa Mahal is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Commonly Asked Question


1.            Buland Darwaza

(a) Delhi                       (b) Jaipur

(c) Hyderabad                (d) Fatehpur Sikri

(e) None of these

Answer (d) is correct.

Explanation: Buland Darwaza is located in Fatehpur Sikri.


2.            Gol Gumbaz

(a) Agra                                     (b) Hyderabad

(c) Delhi                                     (d) Bijapur

(e) None of these

Answer (d) is correct.

Explanation: Gol Gumbaz is located in Bijapur.


(viii) Product and Ram Material

In these types of questions, words are related to each other as an object and the product made from that particular object. For example:

  1. Butter: Milk
  2. Jaggery: Sugarcane
  3. Omelette: Egg
  4. Wine: Grapes
  5. Furniture: Wood
  6. Shoes: Leather
  7. Pullover: Wool
  8. Metal: Ore
  9. Rubber: Latex
  10. Prism: Glass
  11. Fabric: Yarn
  12. Cloth: Fibre
  13. Road: Asphalt
  14. Book: Paper
  15. Sack: Jute
  16. Wall: Brick



  • Paper: Pulp, Paper is made of pulp.
  • Oil: Seed, Oil is made from seed.
  • Linen: Fibre, Linen is made of fibre.
  • Jewellery: Gold, Jewellery is made from gold.


Commonly Asked Question


1.            Curd

(a) Ghee                                    (b) Bread

(c) Gold                                     (d) Milk

(e) None of these

Answer (d) is correct.

Explanation: Curd is made from milk.


2.            Bread

(a) Ghee                                    (b) Wheat

(c) Gold                                     (d) Milk

(e) None of these

Answer (b) is correct.

Explanation: Bread is made from wheat.


Other Analogies


(i) Quantity and Unit


  1. Mass: Kilogram
  2. Force: Newton
  3. Energy: Joule
  4. Resistance: Ohm
  5. Volume: Litre
  6. Angle: Radian
  7. Power: Watt
  8. Potential: Volt
  9. Work: Jule
  10. Time: Second
  11. Current: Ampere
  12. Luminosity: Candela
  13. Pressure: Pascal
  14. Area: Hectare
  15. Temperature: Degrees
  16. Conductivity: Mho
  17. Magnetic field: Oersted
  18. Length: Metre


(ii) Individual and Group


  1. Cattle: Herd
  2. Flowers: Bouquet
  3. Grapes: Bunch
  4. Singer: Chorus
  5. Artist: Troupe
  6. Fish: Shoal
  7. Sheep: Flock
  8. Riders: Cavalcade
  9. Bees: Swarm
  10. Man: Crowd
  11. Soldiers: Army
  12. Nomads: Horde
  13. Sailors: Crew


(iii) Male and Female


  1. Dog: Bitch
  2. Stag: Doe
  3. Son: Daughter
  4. Lion: Lioness
  5. Sorcerer: Sorceress
  6. Drone: Bee
  7. Gentleman: Lady
  8. Nephew: Niece
  9. Tiger: Tigress
  10. Horse: Mare


(iv) Individual and Class


  1. Man: Mammal
  2. Ostrich: Bird
  3. Snake: Reptile
  4. Butterfly: Insect
  5. Whale: Mammal
  6. Rat: Rodent
  7. Lizard: Reptile


(v) Study and Topic


  1. Seismology: Earthquakes
  2. Botany: Plants
  3. Onomatology: Names
  4. Ethnology: Human races
  5. Ontology: Reality
  6. Herpetology: Amphibians
  7. Pathology: Diseases
  8. Astrology: Celestial Bodies
  9. Anthropology: Man
  10. Palaeography: Ancient writing
  11. Ichthyology: Fishes
  12. Semantics: Linguistic
  13. Nephrology: Kidney
  14. Conchology: Skull
  15. Haematology: Blood
  16. Craniology: Skull
  17. Mycology: Fungi
  18. Entomology: Insects
  19. Zoology: Animals
  20. Occultism: Supernatural
  21. Oology: Egg
  22. Virology: Viruses
  23. Malacology: Molluscs
  24. Palaeontology: Fossils
  25. Pedology: Soil
  26. Taxonomy: Classification
  27. Orography: Mountains
  28. Selenography: Moon
  29. Eccrinology: Secretions development
  30. Histology: Tissues
  31. Nidology: Nests
  32. Cardiology: Heart
  33. Phycology: Algae
  34. Bryology: Bryophytes


(vi) Part and Whole Relationship


  1. Pencil: Lead
  2. House: Kitchen
  3. Fan: Blade
  4. Class: Desk
  5. Room: Window
  6. Aeroplane: Cockpit
  7. Book: Chapter
  8. Pen: Nib


(vii) Synonyms Relationship


  1. Wish: Desire
  2. Kindle: Burn
  3. Sink: Drown
  4. Quarrel: War
  5. Error: Blunder
  6. Anger: Rage
  7. Famous: Renowned
  8. Unhappy: Sad
  9. Refuse: Deny
  10. Crime: Sin
  11. Moist: Drench

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