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·      Students will be able to generate a range of possible outcomes.

·      They will be able to judge the size, amount and cost of something.






Estimation is a rough calculation of the value, number, quantity, or extent something.




Example 1: 

2 litres is most likely the amount of liquid in a ______.

(a) Bathtub

(b) Pond

(c) Large bottle of soda

(d) Swimming pool


Ans.    (c)

Explanation: 2 litres is most likely the amount in a large bottle of soda.




Example 2:

What is the closest estimate of how much longer the back of truck is than the front?

(a) 60 feet                    (b) 70 feet       

(c) 50 feet                    (d) 40 feet


Ans.    (c)

Explanation: Nearest Estimation is 70 - 20 = 50 feet.





Example 3:

How many 250 ml cartons of milk would it take to fill the 11 carton?

(a) 2                             (b) 3             

(c) 4                             (d) 5


Ans.   (c)





Example 4:

The amount of water in a bath tub is about 50 _______.

(a) mililitres                               (b) litres        

(c) centilitres                            (d) kilograms


Ans.    (b)

Explanation: The amount of water in a bath tub is about 50 litres.




Example 5:

Ben had 2 boxes of blocks

·      Each box had 50 blocks

·      He built a tower with\[\frac{1}{5}\]of the blocks out of each of the boxes.

How many blocks did Ben use to build the tower?

(a) 50                           (b) 40           

(c) 30                           (d) 20


Ans.    (d)

Explanation: Each box had = 50 blocks

2 boxes had \[=50\times 2=100\] blocks

Ben used\[\frac{1}{5}\]of blocks \[=100\times \frac{1}{5}=20\] blocks.

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