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Order and Ranking

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Order and Ranking





·      Students will be able to identify the position of an objects/a person from left end or right end.

·      They will be able to identify interchanging positions of two persons.






In this chapter generally the ranks of a person from both sides left or right or from top and from bottom are mentioned and total numbers of persons are asked.




Types of questions


1.  Total number of persons and positions of one person (either from left or right) are given.

2.  Position of more than one person is given.

3.  Ascending/Descending order - according to age, height, weight, marks etc.






Finding rank either from left or from right

Total - (given rank - 1) = required rank


Finding total numbers


Case 1

When ranks of one person are given from both sides of the row.

Ranks of common person from both sides (R1 + R2) - 1


Case 2                                                           

When ranks of two persons and numbers of the persons who are sitting between these two persons are given.

(R1+R2)+number of middle persons                              


Finding the numbers of persons who are sitting between any two persons                                                           

Total - (Rank from left + Rank from the right)                           

Finding Rank of Middle Person

Step 1: Convert both ranks from the same side.

Step 2: Find the average of both ranks.




Example 1:


Here is a table


Rank from top

Rank from bottom
















Let us discuss about 'Raj'

Raj's rank from top = 1 and from bottom = 5

Total number of persons in the row = 5

·      Means total rank = (rank from top + rank from bottom) - 1


·      Rank from top = total rank - (rank from bottom - 1)

= 5 - (5 - 1) = 1

·      Rank from bottom = total rank - (rank from top - 1)

            =5-(1-1) =5




Abhishek is fifteenth from the right end in a row of 40 boys. What is his position from the left end?

(a) 24th                        (b) 25th

(c) 26th                        (d) 27th


Ans.    (c)

Explanation: Clearly, number of boys towards the right of Abhishek = 14.

So, Abhishek's rank from left end = 40 - 14 = 26th




Example 3:

Raj is sixth from left and Rohan is eighth from right.

If there are seven students between them then how many students are there in a row?

(a) 14                           (b) 15           

(c) 21                           (d) 22


Ans.   (c)



Total number of students in a row =6+8+7=21




Example 4:

Jyoti is seventh from left end and is fourth to the left of Manya who is seventh from right end. Then how many students are there in a row?

(a) 17                           (b) 18           

(c) 16                           (d) 14


Ans.   (a)


Total students in a row = 7 + 3 + 7 = 17





Example 5:

Jai is 15th from left and Vijay is 14th from right. When they interchange their positions respectively then Vijay becomes 21st from right end. What will be Jai's position from left after interchanging?

(a) 25                           (b) 22           

(c) 27                           (d) 28


Ans.    (b)



Jai's position from the left after interchanging = 15 + 6 + 1 = 22.





Example 6:

Among five persons, Raja secured more marks than only Kapil. Ashok and Jagdish secured less marks than only Nikhil. Who among them secured third least marks?

(a) Nikhil                                

(b) Raja

(c) Jagdish                              

(d) Cannot be determined


Ans.    (d)


Nikhil > Ashok / Jagdish > Raja > Kapil

Third least marks = Either Ashok or Jagdish

Hence, it cannot be determined who secured third least marks.

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