4th Class Mental Ability Shapes and Patterns Patterns


Category : 4th Class

Type I:

How to find the missing term or next term in (number or letter) series to continue the given series?

  • Identify the (descending or ascending) order of series. Observe the pattern using operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, skip counting and reverse counting.
  • Identify the order of alphabetical series either from A to Z or Z to A.
  • Numbering of alphabets either starts from A or starts from Z.        
  • Skipping letters.                                                 


Type II:

How to find the missing number in the pattern?             

  • To find the missing term in the given pattern, identify the rule followed in rest of the given terms in pattern using mathematical operations (+,- ,x, ~), skip counting and reverse counting.                     


Type III:

How to find the missing part in the figure pattern?         

  • Complete the figure pattern by drawing its incomplete part in the pattern.               





1.    In the number pattern given below, what are the values of p and Q respectively?


(a) 27,                          (b) 343, 27                   (c) 27,                          (d) 49, 27


Explanation (a):    

Pattern followed in above series is:

\[2\times 2\times 2\], \[(3\times 3\times 3)\], \[4\times 4\times 4,\]\[5\times 5\times 5,\]\[6\times 6\times 6,\] \[(7\times 7\times 7)\]



2.   Which is the missing domino?

(a)                     (b)                      (c)                       (d)


Explanation (b):    

Dots shows is domino on the right side of ______are the uncommon parts of left side pair of domino.



3.   Which is the missing square?


(a)                    (b)                    (c)                    (d)


Explanation (c):  

Sum of circles in each row or column is 10.

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