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·         Students will be able to distinguish between events occurring in time using terms.

·         They will get the qualitative feel of long and short duration.  










Time is measured with the help of a clock or a watch. A clock has two hands.



·         The shorter hand is called the Hour Hand.

·         The longer hand is called the Minute Hand.

·         The face of the clock is divided into 12 equal divisions.

·         The hour hand takes 12 hours to complete 1 round. It moves round the clock twice a day.

·         The minute hand takes 1 hour to complete one round. In 1 round, minute hand moves through 60 small divisions, each of which is equal to 1 minute.

·         On the clock, there are 5 minutes between the two consecutive numbers.

·         The minute hand moves 24 times round the clock in one day.






The duration of 24 hours (from one mid-night to the next mid-night) is called 1 day.

                                    1 day = 24 hours



Days of a Week

·         There are 7 days in a week.

·         The names of the seven days of the week in order are.


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow






Some months have 30 days and some have 31 days except February which has days. But in a leap year, the month February has 29 days.



Example 1:

If yesterday was Monday, what day will be the fifth day from today?

(a) Friday                    (b) Saturday    

(c) Sunday                   (d) Monday


  Ans.    (b)

Explanation: If yesterday was Monday. So, today is Tuesday. Then, Fifth day from Tuesday will be Saturday.




Example 2:

Raju correctly remembers that Priya's birthday was after Tuesday but before Friday. Shivam correctly remembers that Priya's birthday was after Wednesday but before Sunday, on which day of the week does Priya's birthday definitely fall?

(a) Monday                  (b) Thursday   

(c) Saturday                 (d) Friday


Ans.    (b)


According to Raju, Priya's birthday falls = Wednesday or \[\]

According to Shivam Priya's birthday falls =\[\] , Friday or Saturday.

So, Priya's birthday falls on Thursday.




Example 3:

Babli has a dental appointment on April 15. April 1 is Thursday. On which day of the week is her appointment?

(a) Monday                  (b) Tuesday    

(c) Wednesday             (d) Thursday

Ans.    (d)

Explanation: April 1 is Thursday.

            1 + 7 = 8th will be Thursday.

            8 + 7 = 15th will be Thursday.




Example 4:

The clock shows the time a magic show started. The magic show ended \[1\frac{1}{2}\]hours later. When did the magic show end?

(a) 11: 05 p.m.                         (b) 10 : 30 p.m.  

(c) 11: 15 p.m.                         (d) 10 : 00 p.m.


Ans.    (a)

Explanation: The clock shows = 9 : 35 p.m.

After \[1\frac{1}{2}\] hours = 9 : 35 + 1 : 30 = 11: 05 p.m.



Example 5:

180 seconds earlier than 14:25 is _____?

(a) 2 : 22 p.m.              (b) 2 : 45 p.m.   

(c) 2 : 22 a.m.              (d) 2 : 45 a.m.


Ans.    (a)


1 minute          = 60 seconds

180 seconds     = 180/60 = 3 minute

3 minutes earlier than 14 : 25 is 2 : 22 p.m.

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