4th Class Science Our Environment Effects of Pollution in Our Environment

Effects of Pollution in Our Environment

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*       Effects of Pollution


Any type of pollution is very harmful for the living things. Let's know about them.


*           Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution makes air unfit for breathing. Taking in this air causes breathing problems and lung diseases. Global warming and acid rain are other major effects of air pollution. Air pollution also has been damaging ozone layer which protects us from ultra violet rays coming from space and save the life on the earth.


Effects of air pollution on plants              Effects of air pollution on human health  


*         Effect of Water Pollution

The unfit or polluted water if used for drinking can cause dysentery, diarrhea typhoid and many other diseases. The living organisms present in the water bodies, where chemical waste is thrown, too becomes poisonous. If we consume these fish, crab etc. we are likely to fall sick.

 Effect of Water Pollution  


*          Effect of Soil Pollution

Soil gets polluted by the chemicals used to kill pest and weeds (unwanted plants). Chemical fertilizers used for higher productivity, seeps slowly into the soil layers. Crops grown on these soils is not good for our health. These chemicals are slowly getting into the food chain.

Effects of land  





     Respiratory problems are rising day by day. This is due to which type of pollution?

(a) Water pollution

(b) Air pollution

(c) Land pollution

(d) Both (a) and (b)        

(e) All of the above


Answer: (b)



  Look at the following picture carefully

It is one of the major source of_________.

(a) Air pollution

(b) Land pollution

(c) Water pollution

(d) A and B

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)

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