Types of Pollution

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*       Types of Pollution


Pollution is spoiling of natural resources like air, water and soil by releasing harmful substances. Pollution of air, water and soil has had harmful effects not only on us but on the entire living world.


*         Air Pollution

Harmful substance in the air causing bad effect on the living thing, is called air pollution. Most of the air pollution comes from the smoke of factories, vehicles, burning of fuels etc.

             Air pollution  


*           Water pollution

When harmful substance from factories, farms/ hospitals, sewage from homes are thrown into the water bodies like river, pond, lake and ocean, this causes water pollution. Mixing of unwanted substances, which makes water unfit for drinking and other purposes, is called water pollution. The release of harmful substances kills the living organisms present in water. The balance of the living things in the water bodies is destroyed and the water becomes unfit for use.

          Water pollution  


*           Land or Soil Pollution

When harmful and poisonous substances are released into the soil, it pollutes the soil. This is known as soil pollution. The use of chemical fertilizer and chemicals pesticides (kill pest) in the farmland pollutes the soil. Throwing of the waste is also a major cause of soil pollution. The waste like plastic bags, tyre-tube (non-biodegradable) remains on the surface of the soil for a very long time, because non-biodegradable substances are not easily disintegrated into soil. Thus non-biodegradable substances are one of the major cause of soil pollution.

Land pollution due to accumulation of waste      




     The substances that cause pollution are called___________.

(a) Dirt

(b) Pollutants

(b) Smoke

(d) Both A and C

(e) None of the above


Answer: (b)



       Consider the statements given bellow and select the right answer.

Statement A: Pollution are caused by natural factors also.

Statement B: Human being also contributes to pollution in a large way.

(a) Statement A is correct

(b) Statement B is correct

(c) Both Statement A and B are correct

(d) Statement A is correct but B is false

(e) Both Statement A and B are false


Answer: (c)

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