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Safety and First Aid

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Safety and First Aid




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We should pour water for minor or slight burns. If somebody catches fire, wrap them in a blanket, give the first aid and take him to the doctor immediately.


  • Accidents mostly happen when we are careless. Accidents can be easily prevented by following rules of safety at home, school and public places.


  • Road accidents can be prevented if we are careful and follow the road safety rules.


  • You have to be very careful with sharp knives, stoves, fire and with electrical appliances.


  • In the bathroom use rubber mats or bathmats to prevent from slipping. Never touch an electric switch with wet hands.


  • At school be careful while climbing staircase never climb on desks and chairs.


  • At the playground never push or kick someone while playing a game. Never swim alone.


  • First-Aid is the immediate help given to a sick or an injured person before proper medical help arrives.


  • First-Aid can save a person's life. It can also prevent permanent injuries.


First-Aid Tips

  • For cuts and wounds: Wash the wound or cut with water to remove dirt. Wipe with antiseptic lotion and put a Band-Aid to a minor cut and a deeper cut may need cotton pad and sterilised bandage.
  • For burns: Wash the minor burnt area with running water and put an antiseptic cream.
  • For insect bites: Apply calemine lotion, paste of baking soda with an antiseptic cream.
  • If a person has fainted: Make him lie down with his head lower than the body.



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