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Work and Play

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This lesson will help you to:

  • learn about different games played at home and school.
  • Understand the importance of play.
  • Study about different occupations in local region country.
  • study the relation between gender and work.
  • study about different ways of recreation.


Amazing Facts

There are currently 17 countries with women’s as heads of government, heads of state, or both this, according to the UN, is more than double what it was in 2005.

Mary Queen of Scots has been attributed to creating the world’s first golf course.


Real Life Example

We of then see that in hospitals there are more females as nurses, which shows that nursing is a female dominated job.



  • Games are played at different levels and by different persons of all age groups.
  • Some games are played indoor while some are played only outside. Games played indoor are called as the indoor games whereas the games that are played
  • outdoors are called outdoor games.
  • Examples of indoor games are- table tennis, chess, board games, cards etc.
  • Examples of outdoor games are- cricket, football, basketball, lawn tennis etc.
  • Games played at home are usually indoor games whereas at school both indoor and outdoor games are played but more importance is given to outdoor games to encourage physical activities.
  • Children need opportunities both to play with other children and to play on their own.
  • When a game is played, there are fights, bonding and differences among the players. These fights or arguments may be due to confusion over some game moves or the rules of the games.
  • Sometimes several restrictions are also imposed on certain games.
  • We should always play the game fairly.


Historical preview

  • Women were not allowed to work outside their in homes earlier. Even today in many countries, women are kept in Burkhas and are not allowed to move out of their homes for work.



  1. Play enables children to find out about themselves and the world. It allows them to:




express ideas,

develop speech,

develop muscles,                             

learn new skills,                                

learn how other people behave,                 

share possessions,                               

use the imagination,                             

co-operate with others,                         

act protectively towards someone less powerful than themselves,                                    

  1. Play gives happiness.                              
  2. Play helps prevent boredom.
  3. Play can help reduce stress.



Misocncept / Conscept

Misconcept: It is believed that men are better at doing of fical work.

Concept: This statement stands false as in today’s time more and more women are entering the corporate world and proving to be better than their male counterparts.

Misconcept: Cricket is the national game of India.

Concept: In spite of the fact that cricket is the most popular, most played and most promted game in India, hockey is the national game of India.



  • People do different kinds of work, according to their interest and ability, in order to learn a living. Any work that helps a person to earn living is called occupation.
  • The occupation of people varies according to the region. People in urban areas are mostly involved in occupations that require them to use their mental skills more whereas in rural areas, people are mostly engaged in occupations requiring physical activities.
  • In urban areas, the percentage of educated people is more and hence they prefer doing more white collared jobs. While In rural areas, agricultural activities like farming are given more preference.
  • Although, the occupation in urban and rural areas also varies from people to people
  • In urban areas too potters, tailors, laborers, drivers, mason, electrician, plumber etc., can be found.

Teacher                       :        teaches in school

Doctor                        :        treat sickly people

Policeman                  :        protect people from thieves

Cobbler                     :        mends our shoes

Farmer                      :        grows crops

Mechanic                  :       repairs our vehicles

Electrician                :        repairs electrical appliances

Driver                      :         drives buses, cars, trucks and taxis

Postman                 :        delivers letters

Carpenters            :     make things out of wood

Sweeper                :      keeps the place clean

Grocer                   :        sells grocery

Lawyers                 :       help people get justice

  • Some of the above occupations need proper training. These trainings are provided by a training institute.
  • Different occupation has a requirement of different set of tools or items. For example a doctor needs a stethoscope to examine his/her patient, a teacher needs a chalk and a board, a policeman needs a stick and a pistol etc.
  • Some occupations are gender biased and are done best by either male or female. However, now a days women are doing most of the jobs.



Apart from work, recreation is also very important to balance the life. Recreation is the time spent doing your favorite thing, pursuing your favourite hobby, seeing a movie, talking to friends, going to circus or a fair etc.

  • A fair is organized in a field or a park. People gather in large number to enjoy. There are a large number of stalls where people eat food ploy games or take part in rides and swings.
  • A circus is a group of entertainers, sometimes with trained animals, who perform skilful and amusing acts in the show. A circus usually travels around to different places.
  • Kite flying is a popular sport in India. Kite festival is celebrated all over India on Independence day and Makar Sankranti festival.

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