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Checking Grammar

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*     Checking Grammar


While entering text in Word, some grammatical errors may creep in, like the usage of the wrong tense, agreement of the verb with the subject and so on. In such a case, MS Word can inform you that you may have violated a rule of grammar. Thus, this is a helpful proofreading tool. (See figure 5.4.3)  





*  Steps:

  • Open Microsoft Word and click on the 'Tools' menu.
  • Select "Options" from the 'Tools' menu.
  • Select the "Spelling and Grammar" tab from the window that comes up.
  • Look for the "Grammar" section at the lower portion of the window. Check the box that says "Check grammar as you type." Microsoft Word will now underline any possible grammatical mistakes as they arise in your typing.
  • Type your document and look for wavy green underlines to your text. Microsoft Word underlines possibly misspelled words in red and possible grammar errors in green.
  • Right-click on the text underlined in green for a list of options. Microsoft Word may offer you a suggestion for changing your sentence or a tip to revise a sentence fragment.
  • Left-click on a suggested revision to replace the underlined text with it. Choose "Ignore Once" to have Microsoft Word ignore the possible mistake only this time. Microsoft Word continues to check your document for this same type of error.
  • Choose "Grammar" from the drop down menu for more options and explanation of the possible error the grammar check found.  





 Microsoft Word underlines possible grammar errors in __________ colour.

(A) Orange                                                         

(B) Blue

(C) Red                                                                

(D) Green

(E) None of these  


Answer: (d)


Correct Option:

(D) Green: Microsoft Word underlines possible grammar errors in green colour.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Orange: This option is incorrect

(B) Blue: This option is incorrect                                         

(C) Red: This option is incorrect  



 To check the grammatical errors in your document, you would first need to open the_________.

(A) Insert menu                                               

(B) Tools menu

(C) References menu                                    

(D) None of these

(E) All of these


Answer: (b)


Correct Option:

(B) Tools menu: To use the Spelling and Grammar option, you need to first click on the Tools menu.

Incorrect Options:

(a) Insert menu: This option is incorrect

(C) References menu: This option is incorrect

(D) None of these: This is an invalid option

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