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Real Life Example             

The most basic is the coordinating conjunction which is seen in such English words as ?and?, ?but?, and ?or?. These join items, ideas, or parts of the sentences that are equal, e.g., ?Bob and Ted? or ?Carol and Alice?, but not 'Tom, Dick or Harry'.  


BOY    SAT    (with) BEN






Both..... and





This lesson will help you to:

  • understand conjunction more clearly.
  • study various types of conjunction.
  • study the application of conjunction.  



These are joining words that are used to join words, group of words (phrases) and sentences together. You can think of them as connectors or a linking word that is used to join other words or sentences together.

There are conjunctions that join independent sentences and are called Coordinating Conjunctions. They connect similar kind or group of words. Some of them are:             

Andit is used to Join related ideas. v   The music was playing and everyone was dancing. v   He had a pen and a pencil in his hand.             

But  it is used to join two different ideas. v   There was a lot of food on the table but I did not eat. v   He played well but lost the match.               

Or it is used to join sentences which suggest a choice between the two. v   You must hurry or you will miss the train. v   You can have custard or ice cream for dessert             

Soit is used to join two sentences if the first sentence contains the reason for the second.

It was raining so I decided to stay at home.

I was unwell so I went to see the doctor.             

There are some con junctions which connect similar words or group of words but always appear in pairs. So you have to learn them with their pair.

Both ....... and             

Both Rohit and Ritwick are good singers

Either ........ or.             

It is used to express a choice between two things.             

Either you do your work or read a story book

Neither ........ nor.

It is used to express a choice between two things It means none of the two. I drink neither tea nor coffee.

So ........ that.             

Rati was so happy that she started jumping.             

Apart from these there are other conjunctions like:             

After used to denote time.

My exams begin after the summer break.             

Because  used to express reason.

I was tired because I had walked four kilometres.            

If  used to denote a condition.

You will not get good marks if you don't study well.             

Since  used to denote time.

Certain words are used as both prepositions and conjunctions, e.g. till, since, for after             

Although used to show contrast.

Would you like to Know some more?               

Certain words are used as both prepositions and conjunctions, e.g. till, since, for after.             

Here they are?:             

Though. Before. Than. Till. Until, That  


Misconcept / Concept             

Misconception: Many student are taught that certain conjunctions (such as ?and?, ?but?, ?because?, and ?so?) should not begin sentences.             

Concept: Authorities such as the Chicago Manual of Style state that this teaching has ?no historical or grammatical foundation.   Let me see how much you have understood about conjunctions.  What are conjunctions? When do we used 'and', 'or' and 'but'? Which conjunctions do we use when we have to give a Which conjunctions tell us about time? Name three conjunctions that come in pairs.               

Conjunctions avoid unnecessary repetitions of words or idea.             

For example: He is very clever. He is very lazy. We can avoid repetition here by the use of a conjunction ?but?: He is very clever but lazy.   

Amazing Facts

F                 FOR A                AND N                NOR B                 BUT O                OR                          Y                 YET S                 SO             

FANNBOYS: Coordinating conjunctions, also called coordinators, are conjunctions that join, or coordinate, two or more items of equal syntactic importance. An easy way to remember these seven commonly used conjunctions is to remember FANBOYS.

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