5th Class English Noun Kinds of Noun

Kinds of Noun

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*        Kinds of Noun


There are five kinds of noun. They are the following:

1.  Proper Noun

2.  Common Noun

3.  Collective Noun

4.  Material Noun

5.  Abstract Noun  



*        Proper Noun


Definition: The name of a particular person, animal, place or thing is called proper noun.





  •  SachinTendulker has been achieving milestone with every match.
  •  BMW is one o fthe best cars available in the market.
  •  America is the only super power in the present world.  
  •  The boy is reading the Geeta.  

In the sentences given above SachinTendulker is the name of a particular cricketer, BMW is the name of a particular car, America is the name of a particular country and the Geeta is the name of a particular book. Car, country, boy are nouns; and SachinTendulker, BMW, America and the Geeta are Proper Noun.  


*        Common Noun


Definition: The name shared in common by every person, place or thing of the same kind is called a Common Noun. Common nouns are those that name things in general and do not refer to anything in particular.  





  •  The doctor has prescribed him certain medicine.
  •  The monkey is running here and there in search of bananas.
  •  The students sitting in this class are very attentive.
  •  Most of the gardens are full of greenery.  

In the sentences given above doctor indicates a class of person, monkey indicates a class of animals, students indicate a class of person and garden indicates a class of place. So these are Common Noun.  


*          The following is the list of common nouns:

Kitchen                                 Bedroom                             Bathroom

Front room                          Backyard                              Front yard

Church                                 Grocery Store                     Mall

Parade                                 Amusement Park               Restaurant

Tools                                     Car                                      Library

Ocean                                   Forest                                 Closet                  

Toys                                       Zoo                                     Countries

Doctor's Office                    Veterinarian                        Sports

Buildings                              Castle                                  Museums           

Music Store                         Pirates                                  Farm

Song                                      Cow                                    Crop     

Brother                                 Grandfather                        Father

Sister                                     Student                               Grandmother

Book                                      Poem                                  Day

Doll                                        Tree                                    Cap

Decimal                                 Degree                               Design

Dictionary                             Teacher                               Doctor

Dog                                        Dollar                                 Door

Chair                                      Engineer                            Accountant

Dress                                     Son                                     Daughter

Duck                                      Table                                  Uncle

Fruit                                       Aunty                                 Elephant

Tiger                                      Lion                                    Flower

Cat                                         College                              Enemy

Crow                                      Rat  


*        Collective Noun


Definition: A collective noun is the name of a collection of persons or things taken together and spoken of as one whole. For example: class, army, team, etc.





  •  Our class won the match.
  •  A large crowd gathered in front of the cinema hall.
  •  I have found a bunch of keys.  

The word class, crowd and bunch are nouns. Since they are not particular names, but represent a group, they appear to be common nouns. But they are slightly different from the or dinary common noun.

The word class stands for a collection of players.

The word crowd stands for a collection of people.

The word bunch stands for a collection of keys.              

The word class, crowd and bunch are therefore collective nouns.  


*        See the following list of collective nouns:


ants                                       A colony of ants

ants                                       As warm of ants

antelope                               A cluster of antelope

antelope                               A herd of antelope

antelope                              A tribe of antelope

apes                                      A troop of apes

birds                                      A flock of birds

birds                                      A volery of birds

bitterns                                 A siege of bitterns

blackfish                               A grind of blackfish

boars                                     A sounder of wild boars

Asses                                    A coffle of asses

Asses                                    A drove of asses

Asses                                    A herd of asses

Asses                                    A pack of asses

Auks                                      A colony of auks

Auks                                      A flock of auks

Auks                                     A raft of auks

Bees                                      A swarm of bees

Buffalo                                  A gang or herd, of buffalo

Bullocks                                A drove of bullocks

Colts                                     A rake of colts

Coots                                    A covert of coots

Cormorants                         A flight of cormorants

Coyotes                               A pack of coyotes

Cranes                                  A sedge of cranes

Crocodiles                           A bask of crocodiles

Crows                                   A hover of crows

Ducks                                    A raft of ducks

Ducks                                    A safe of ducks

Ducks                                    A skein ofducks

Ducks                                    A sord or sore of ducks

Ducks                                    A string of ducks

Ducks                                    A team of ducks

Goldfish                                A glint of goldfish

Gorillas-                                A band of gorillas

Grouse                                  A pack of grouse  



*          Material Noun


Definition: The name of a thing that exists only in the form of a mass and cannot be counted is called a Material Noun. A material noun is the name of a substance which can be measured or weighed. For example, coal, bread, water, etc.





  •  Milk is sweet.
  •  The pant is made of cloth.
  •  I do not like coffee.
  •  The table is made of iron.  

In the sentences given above milk, cloth, coffee and iron are names of substances (materials). They can be measured or weighed. These are Material Nouns.  


*        Abstract Noun


Definition: The name given to a quality, state or action is called an Abstract Noun. An abstract noun is the name of some feeling or idea that we can only think of or feel but cannot touch or see. Abstract nouns are usually used as singular.





  •  I admired his honesty.
  •  She had pain in her legs.
  •  The length of this room is four metres.  

The words honesty, pain and length are also nouns. But they do not name any person, animal, place or thing. They are the qualities, states, ideas, which we can only think of about but cannot touch or see. These nouns are called abstract nouns.  


*         Formation of Abstract Noun


Abstract nouns can be formed from common nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Look at the following tables

Common Nouns               Abstract Nouns

Agent                                    Agency

Boy                                        Boyhood

Child                                      Childhood

Mother                                Motherhood

Friend                                   Friendship

Hero                                      Heroism

Brave                                    Bravery

Dark                                       Darkness

Deep                                     Depth

False                                      Falsehood

Great                                    Greatness

High                                       Height

Act                                         Action

Admit                                    Admission

Agree                                    Agreement

Behave                                 Behavior

Die                                         Death

Enter                                     Entrance

Priest                                    Priesthood

King                                       Kingship

Slave                                     Slavery

Robber                                 Robbery

Fellow                                   Fellowship

Brother                                Brotherhood

Honest                                 Honesty

Kind                                       Kindness

Long                                      Length

Short                                     Shortness

True                                       Truth

Wide                                     Wide

Fly                                          Flight

Grow                                     Growth

Expect                                  Expectation

Starve                                   Starvation

Obey                                     Obedience

Think                                     Thought

Punish                                  Punishment  



*          Look at the following of abstract noun:


Adoration artistry        
Belief brave        
Calm charity Childhood comfort Compassion  
Failure faith feelings friendship    
Happiness hate honesty Hope    
Idea impression infatuation      
Law Liberty love loyalty    
Maturity memory money motherboard    
Peace pride principle power    
Redemption Romance        
Sadness sensitivity skill sleep success sympathy
Talent thrill Truth      


Some nouns are countable, some are uncountable. But there are some nouns used as both uncountable and countable.


*          See the following examples:


(i) Alisha has grey hair.                                                                           Uncountable     

There is a strund of hair in my plate.                                                   Countable

(ii) This statue is made of stone.                                                          Uncountable      

I have a piece of stone in my hand.                                                     Countable

(iii) There is cheese in the fridge.                                                         Uncountable      

There were dozens of cheeses in the fridge,                                      Countable

(iv) Sound cannot travel in vacuum.                                                     Uncountable      

Animals make different kinds of sounds.                                             Countable

(v) Noise can make a person deaf.                                                       Uncountable     

There are many kinds of noises in the forest at night.                       Countable  


*        The following nouns can be used both as countable and uncountable.


Tea, coffee, shampoo, cake, land, rain, snow, abuse, fear, business, life, pain, protest, pleasure, war, success, difficult, toothpaste.  

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