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A word that is used to denote the name of a person, place, thing or quality, is called noun.  





  •  Shyam offers his help to Mr. Ramnath.
  •  The number of tigers in India is reducing day by day.
  •  Girls are taking keen interest in the maintenance of the garden.
  •  The demand of jewellary during Dhanteras becomes very high.  

In the sentences given above Shyam and Mr. Ramnath are names of persons, Tiger is the name of animal, garden is the name of a place and jewellary is the name of thing. These names are Nouns.

(i) All naming words are noun.     

For Example : Names of birds, insects, flowers, fruits, material etc.


(ii) Words denoting feeling of heart and quality or state of human beings are also noun.    

For Example : Childhood, Honesty, Poverty, and Happiness etc.  

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