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*       Introduction


Definition: Story writing is an art. Some are born with this gifted art. However, anyone can develop this art by gradual practice. For story writing, one has to learn the use of correct and lucid language, develop the art of narrating events or happening in a regular and systematic sequence.

For writing a story, the following salient points should always be kept in mind. These are called the constituents of a story writing.

1.       Plot

2.       Narration of events systematically

3.       Use of simple idiomatic language.

4.       Don't change the main part of the story. Try to reproduce it as it is or as it was, as far as possible.

5.       The order of events may change

6.       Always read the story very carefully and make small points of it and take out the major points of interest/ fun, moral or any other special aspect.

7.       Give a suitable heading to a story. Heading of a story should be as small as possible.

8.       Take out the moral of the story and make it its conclusion as to what it is leading to.

9.       Learn to make the stories from given outlines.  


*            The Vain Stag  


*           Outline

A vain stag was thirsty _______ reached a pool _______ saw his own reflection _________ glad to see his horns _______ hated his thin and ugly legs______ hounds ran after him _______ stag ran for life _______ his leg carried him out of danger but his horns got stuck in bushes ________ provided to be the cause of his death.

          There was a stag in a jungle. He was very vain and proud. One day he felt thirsty. He reached a pool of water. There he saw his own reflection. He was happy to see his horns. But he did not like his thin and ugly legs. Once a hunter came there. He set his hounds after the stage. The stag ran fast for life. His legs carried him to a place of safety. Just then his horns got stuck in a bush. The hounds came there. They attacked the stage. They killed him then and there. Thus his horns became the cause of his death.

MORAL: All that glitters is not gold.  


*            The Tailor and the Elephant  


*           Outline


An elephant ______ always passed by a tailor's shop ________ tailor angry. One day _______pricked with a needle _________ elephant filled his trunk with dirty water_______ threw it all around in the shop _____ spoiled the clothes.

          Once there was a king who had an elephant. The trainer took it to a river for bath every day. It always passed by a tailor's shop. The tailor fed it bananas. One day the tailor was not in a good mood. The elephant came as usual. The tailor pricked its trunk with a needle. The elephant was annoyed.

It went away quietly. It had a bath in the river. Before returning, it filled its trunk with muddy water. It came back to the tailor's shop. It threw the muddy water all over in the tailor's shop. All his new clothes got soiled.

MORAL : Tit for Tat.  


*            The Greedy Farmer  


*           Outline


A poor farmer ________ gets a wonderful hen ________ lays a golden egg daily ______ farmer becomes rich ______ richer ______ wants to be richest _______ cuts it _______ finds no gold ________

          Once there lived a farmer in a village. He was very poor. A saint visited the village. He took pity on the farmer. He gave the farmer a wonderful hen that gave one golden egg every day.

The farmer grew rich and richer. But he was greedy; He wanted to get all the eggs for once. So he took a knife and cut the hen's stomach to extract all the golden eggs once for all. But he could find nothing. He was sad and disappointed. But it was no use repenting. The farmer could get no more gold. He was poor again.

MORAL: Greed is a Curse.  


*            The Sun and the Wind  


*           Outline

The sun and the wind had a quarrel _______ who is stronger? _______ they tested their strength on a passerby _______ the wind blew the sun grew hotter _______ took his coat off _______ The sun won______.

          Once the sun and the wind had a quarrel. Each boasted that he was stronger than the other. They decided to come to conclusion by standing to a test.

A traveller was passing by. He was wearing a coat. The sun and the wind challenged each other as to who succeeded in making the traveller take off his coat. The wind blew harder and harder. The traveller held on to his coat.

Then the sun grew stronger and stronger. Feeling hot, the traveller finally took off his coat. The sun won and the wind stood defeated. MORAL : Gentleness is better than force.  


*            Clever Birbal  


*           Outline

Birbal - courtiers jealous of him - ask Akbar to let them test his wit - one courtier puts a question to him - How many crows in Agra - Birbal asks for a week to study the situation - everyday seen on the terrace looking at the crows - after a week courtier asks him again - Birbal says as many crow as hairs in the courtier's head - Akbar laughs.

          Some courtiers in Akbar's court were jealous of Birbal. They asked Akbar permission to let them test Birbal's wit. Akbar told them to go ahead.

One courtier stepped up to Birbal and said, "You are indeed very clever. Surely you can tell me how many crows there are in Agra."

Birbal thought for a moment and said, "Give me a week and I shall give you the exact number."

From that evening onwards Birbal was to be seen on the terrace staring out across at the crows that flew by or were perched on various places.

A week passed and darbar was called once again. The courtier stepped up to Birbal and put the same question to him again.

Birbal said to him, "Could you tell me how many hairs there are on your head?" "Why no," said the man.

"I am sorry, then ," said Birbal, " For that exactly the crows are there in Agra." Akbar and all the courtiers had a hearty laugh at this.

Moral: Intelligence is strength.

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