5th Class Mathematics Data Handling

Data Handling

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Data Handling


  • Data :


(a) Collection of information in numerical form for a specific purpose is called data,

(b) Data can be analyzed and inferences are drawn from them.

(c) The numerical data are represented in pictorial form for easy analysis and interpretation.


  • Data presentation:

(a) Data are usually presented in the form of tables (numerical form) and pictures and graphs (pictorial representation).

(b) Representation of data using pictures is called pictograph.

(c) It is very tedious and time consuming to draw pictures for large data.

(d) Bar graphs can be drawn to represent data using rectangles or bars.

(e) In a bar graph, bars of equal width and heights corresponding to the given data are drawn.

(f) The number of bars in a bar graph is the same as the number of values in the given data.

(g) The spaces between the bars should have the same width.

(h) A bar graph should be given a title at the top or bottom of the graph.

(i) Scale should be mentioned in the upper part of the graph.


  • Circle graphs or pie-charts: A full circle represents a whole, 1 or 100%, semicircle half, \[\frac{1}{2}\] or 50% and a quarter circle a fourth, \[\frac{1}{4}\]or 25%.

(a) A pie-chart is used for comparison,

(b) The various parts in a pie-chart are represented as a percentage, a fraction or a decimal.

(c) A tally chart is drawn by drawing the no. of lines for each value in the data.


Note: 4 lines (vertical) are drawn side by side to denote 4. 5 is denoted by crossing the four vertical lines.

(d) A line graph can be drawn by joining the dots for the values in the given data.

(e) Maps help us understand locations and help us see how big or small places are in comparison to other places. This can be done using scale.

(f) A key tells us the meaning of different symbols used in a map.

(g) Maps also show direction.

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