5th Class Mathematics Decimals Expanded Form of Decimals

Expanded Form of Decimals

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*    Expanded Form of Decimals                



Expanded form of a decimal represents the addition of place values of the digits respected to their position in the decimal. For the example: Expanded form of 315.162 is \[300+10+5+\frac{1}{10}+\frac{6}{100}+\frac{2}{1000}.\]




Write the expanded form of the decimal 0.956                






* Decimal Places                

The number of digits right to the point in a decimal is called decimal places of that decimal For example: In the decimal 26.345, there are three digits right to the point, therefore, the decimal 26.345 has three decimal places.



How many decimal places does the decimal 25.26 has? 



There are two digits right to the point in the decimal 25.26, thus it has two decimal places.  



*Like Decimals

The decimal having same number of digits right to the point are called like decimals.                

In other words like decimals have same decimal places.                

For example: 2.56, 5.48, 0.25, etc. are like decimals as they have the same number of decimal places.




"4.56 and 256.35 are like decimals". Justify the statement.      



Both the decimals 4.56 and 256.35 have two decimal places and the decimals have same number of decimal places are like decimals.  



* Unlike Decimals                

Decimal numbers of different decimal places are called unlike decimals. In other word unlike decimals have different decimals places.                

For example: 0.2, 1.23, 2.236 etc. are unlike decimals as they have different decimal places.



Check, 25.36 and 5.256 like decimals or unlike decimals.                



25.36 has two decimal places whereas 2.256 has three decimal places. They have the different decimal places, therefore, they are unlike decimals.  



* Equivalent Decimals                

The decimals which have same value are called equivalent decimals.

For example:     2.5, 2.50, 2.500, are equivalent decimals as they have the same value.



Write two equivalent decimals of 2.57                



Two equivalent decimals of 2.57 are 2.570 and 2.5700. You may find many other equivalent decimals of 2.57 by just adding zeroes in the extreme right side of the decimal.                


Note: If the number of zeroes is increased in the extreme right side of a decimal, the value of the decimal remains constant.                    


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