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*     Introduction                



A fraction with the denominator power of 10 (like 10, 100, 1000 etc.) is called decimal. It is expressed as a number using a point called decimal point. Decimal consist of two parts which are separated by a decimal point.                



* Integral Part                

The part which is left to the decimal point is called integral part or whole number part. For example, in the decimal 896.3, 896 is the integral part.  


* Decimal Part                

The part which is right to the decimal point is called fractional part or decimal part.  For example: 45.683 is a decimal number in which 683 is fractional part or decimal part.                

Note: Decimal part read as separately one by one like 35.721 is read as thirty five point seven, two, one not as thirty five point seven hundred twenty one. 


* Decimal Place Value Chart

Thousands (Th)1000 Hundreds (H) 100 Tens (T) 10 Ones (0) 1 Decimal point Tenths (T) \[\frac{1}{10}\] Hundredths (H) \[\frac{1}{100}\] Thousandths (Th) \[\frac{1}{1000}\]
  3 1 5 . 1 6 2


The decimal 315.162 has 3 hundreds, 1 tens, 5 ones, 1 tenths, 6 hundredths, and 2 thousandths.                

Note: 1 tenths \[=\frac{1}{10}\] (one part out of ten parts), 1 hundredths \[=\frac{1}{100}\] (one part out of hundred parts), 1 thousandths\[=\frac{1}{1000}\] (one part out of thousand parts).                

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