5th Class Mathematics Fractions Lowest or Simplest Form of a Fraction

Lowest or Simplest Form of a Fraction

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*    Lowest or Simplest Form of a Fraction              



When HCF of numerator and denominator of a fraction is 1, the fraction is in its simplest or lowest form.

For example: The fraction \[\frac{5}{7}\]is in its simplest form as HCF of 5 and 7 is 1.



Is the fraction \[\frac{27}{72}\] in its lowest form?



HCF of 27 and 72 is 9. Therefore, the fraction \[\frac{27}{72}\] is not in its simplest form.  



* How to Reduce a Fraction into Lowest Form

To reduce a fraction into its lowest form, numerator and denominator of the fraction is divided by their HCF. The resulting fraction is the reduced form of the given fraction.  



Reduce the fraction \[\frac{16}{38}\]into its lowest form.



HCF of 16 and 38 = 2

Now divide both numerator and the denominator by \[2\frac{16\div 2}{38\div 2}=\frac{8}{19}\]

Thus \[\frac{8}{19}\]is the reduced form of\[\frac{36}{38}.\]

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