5th Class Mathematics Operation of Decimals Addition of Decimals

Addition of Decimals

Category : 5th Class

*   Addition of Decimals                



Step 1: Convert the addends into like decimals.                

Step 2: Arrange the addends one below other in columns so that decimal points come in the same column.                

Step 3: Now add the digits which are in the same column.  




Add 73.478 and 45.02.                



45.02 can be written as 45.020                

Now 73.478 and 45.020 are like decimals. Arrange their digits column wise and add.              




* Addition of a Decimal and a Whole Number                

Write the whole number in the decimal form and follow the steps given for the addition of decimals.    



Add 45 and 82.12.                

Decimal form of 45 = 45.00 (to write a whole number in decimal form, a decimal point is placed in the extreme right of the number and then zeroes are added as per the requirement).                

Now add 45.00 and 82.12                


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