5th Class Science Our Environment Pollution


Category : 5th Class

*       Introduction


Everything around us is the component of our environment. The components of our environment affect on our health and day to day life. We get disease in the polluted environment and a good environment makes us healthy. The polluting elements in our environment are called pollutants. In this chapter, we will study about the pollutants in our environment and method by which we can eliminate these pollutants.


*          Pollution

Human activities lead to the production of waste materials that had deteriorated our environment and make them unsuitable for the life. Unwanted and undesirable substances present in air, water and soil are called as pollutant. For example. Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, Lead oxides. Hydrocarbons, Fly ashes, Smoke, Dust particles etc.

On the basis of the contaminated source, pollution can be broadly classified into the following types:




 Let us study in detail about the causes, consequences and preventive measures of these pollutions.

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