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*       Reproduction


Reproduction is the process of producing offspring of its own kind. For example an apple tree can produce another apple tree only, it can't produce mango tree.



Vegetative reproduction is a type of asexual reproduction in which new plant is generated from the vegetative part of the plants i.e. stems, roots, leaves etc.



*             Vegetative reproduction by Stem




Reproduction in strawberry

Stems, which run horizontally parallel to the ground. New roots emerge from the nodes, thus gives rise to new plants e.g. lawn grass, strawberries etc.




Vegetative reproduction in mint 

The reproduction is very similar to runners but have shorter internodes, e.g. mints, chrysanthemum.


Reproduction in ginger by rhizome

It has underground nodes and internodes. Axillary buds are present on the nodes, which develop into new plants on getting favorable conditions, e.g. ginger.



Vegetative reproduction in potato

Potato is a tuber that has bud, which is capable of producing new plant.



Corm is a condensed form of rhizome, which is formed vertically in the ground. A single corm develops new plant e.g. colocasia

Reproduction in colocasia



A type of plants which has bulbs for the storage of food for helping them in non favorable condition. The bud in the plants grows into new plants, e.g. onion, lily, etc,


*          Vegetative Reproduction by Leaf

Adventitious Buds

Buds present on the margin of leaves, which develops into new plants on getting the favorable condition.


*         Vegetative Reproduction by Roots

Vegetative reproduction in a plant is the asexual reproduction. Tuberous roots of sweet potato and dahlia when get detached from the plant grow into new plant.

Vegetative reproduction by roots  




*          Uses of crops




Medicinal plants


Bael or wood apple                       Ashwagandha of                             Aloe Vera-good for                           Margosa-good for

good for digestion                        winter chery Good                          treating cuts and burns.                  Treating bacteria, virul,

process                                           for treating arthritis                         skin problems etc.                           fungal etc. infection,

                                                        and diabetes                                                                                              good for dental care also  


Note: margosa tree is declared as the tree of 21-century by the United nation.  





      Which one of the following is an oil yielding crop?

(a) Cotton

(b) Castor

(c) Rapeseed

(d) Soya bean

(e) All of these


Answer: (e)


Oil can be extracted from the following seed: Castor, copra, cotton, groundnut, palm, mustard, rapeseed, sesame, soybean and sunflower.

Therefore, option E is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



        Find the incorrect statement about the crops.

(a) Rice is the main food crop in Asia

(b) Tea is made from the leaf tips that are harvested, dried and then crushed

(C) The main source of the sugar is the sweet stems of sugar cane

(d) Chocolate is made from the cacao tree

(e) Coffee is obtained from the leaves of the coffee plant


Answer: (e)


Berries of coffee plant is used to make coffee. Ripe berries are harvested, dried and then processed to make coffee. Therefore, option (E) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect,



you know.jpg  

Venus fly trap, pitcher plant and bladder worth etc. derive their nitrogen requirement from the insects.

Bamboo is not a tree but a grass

The flower of Raffles is the largest known flower

Edible mushroom grows completely within 7 days.

Amount of carbon dioxide produced by plants are less than that of oxygen produced by them,  




The cell wall of plant is made up of cellulose.

Flowering plants include trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables etc,

Chlorophyll provides green colour to the plant.

Antibiotic and antidepressant drugs are made from the plants.

The cultivation of plant for food and for decoration is called horticulture.

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