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Creating the Document

Category : 7th Class

*   Creating the Document



Microsoft Word allows creating, saving, opening and printing a document. MS Word enables menu options and appropriate buttons on the toolbar for creating, saving and opening a document.  


*  To enter text in the document: 

  • First you need to place the insertion point at the location where you want to type the text.
  • Type the text. If a word does not fit on a line then Microsoft Word automatically moves the word to the beginning of the next line.
  • Press Enter key to end a short line or a paragraph and to create a blank line.
  • Press Tab key to move the insertion point "1/2" to right.
  • Press Delete key to remove the character or space immediately to the right of the insertion point.
  • Press Backspace key to delete the character or space immediately to the left of the insertion point

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