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Introduction to Microsoft word

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Word The Microsoft Word brought new revolution in documentation. Windows platform of Word was released in 1989. Since 1989 various versions of Word has been launched by Microsoft, such as Word 6, Word 95, Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, word 2003 and Word 2007.   Microsoft Word is a popular word processor that allows the user to create more accurate, concise and correct documents. It's also useful to create brochures, memos, merging letters and, newsletters. Microsoft Word enables us to create documents using text formatting, graphic, chart and page formatting tools. Using Microsoft Word, you can add text, tables and graphics more easily.   Word enables various features that allow creating different kinds of documents. "The following table lists the various Microsoft Word Elements:  


 Title bar Displays the name of the active document and it is positioned across the top of the window.     
 Control Menu  icon Controls the size and the position of the window and it is positioned in the upper-left corner of a window
 Menu bar Lists the Microsoft Word menu choices. It is positioned below the title bar.                  
 Standard toolbar Enables fast access to some of the Word's most frequently used commands and utilities. It is positioned below the menu bar.
 Rulers Word enables two types of ruler including horizontal and vertical. Rulers provide ongoing page measurement as well as quick access to margins, tabs and indents. It is positioned below the toolbar and on the left side of the application window.        
Text area  Allows you to enter your document text.  
Insertion point Is a blinking vertical bar that is positioned in the text area.  
Scroll bars Allows viewing different areas of the active document. It is positioned along the right side and bottom of the text area.  
Status bar Displays various types of information about the active document, such as the current page number. It is positioned across the bottom of the application window.  
 Minimize button The first of three buttons located in the upper-right corner of a window. It reduces the window to an icon on the taskbar.  
 Maximize/Restore Allows changing the sized of window.  
 Document close  Button Allows closing the document window.  


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