7th Class Computers Types of Computer Languages Introducing Computer Programming

Introducing Computer Programming

Category : 7th Class

*   Introducing Computer Programming



Computer programs are set of instructions that enable a computer to interact with the user, peripherals and information. These instructions are written in a language called computer programming language. The process of writing computer programs is called computer programming. Before writing a computer program first you develop an algorithm. An algorithm is a group of logical instruction that generates the output according to given input. These algorithms are written in Pseudo code. Pseudo code is an informal description of a computer program that is written in simple English.

While writing a program using a computer programming language, such as C, you need to follow the syntax of that language. A programming language also provides operators that enable you to perform various tasks, such as computing and manipulating values of variables, comparing values of different variables of same data types and testing multiple conditions. After developing algorithm you need to develop flowchart.  

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