7th Class English Voice and Narration Direct Speech

Direct Speech

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*   Direct Speech


Repeating the words of the speaker as they have been said. These words are kept in inverted commas "-----------"  





  •   My mother said to me, "I shall go to the market today."
  •   This is called Direct Narration or Direct Speech.  

(B)        Indirect Speech

If the words of the speaker are said in our own words it is called Indirect Narration or Speech.





My mother told me that she should go to the market that day.

  •   He said to me," He is doing an arduous task.
  •   He told me that he was doing an arduous task.

The above given two sentences refer to the two ways of reporting the words of a speaker.

In sentence 1, the actual or exact words of the speaker are presented. This speech is called Direct Speech.  

Points to keep in mind:  

  •   In Direct Speech the actual words of the speaker are put within Inverted Commas (" " ).
  •   The sentence within Inverted Commas begin with a Capital Letter There are two parts of a sentence in Direct Speech.                     


*        Reporting Verb

The first part of the sentence in Direct Speech is called Reporting Verb.

For Example: My mother said to me  


*       Reported Speech

The actual words of the speaker put within Inverted Commas are called Reported Speech.

For Example: "I am going to Ahmadabad today."  

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