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Blood Relations

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In this section, problems are based on blood relations.

The process of solving these problems (puzzles) depends upon the deep knowledge of blood relations.

The common relations are: Father, Mother, Grandparents/Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, Grandchild, Sister, Brother, etc.



1. Relatives on the mother's side are called 'maternal'. For example, mother's brother is called maternal uncle.

2. Relatives on the father's side are called 'paternal'. For example, father's brother is called paternal uncle.

3. Assume a relation as paternal relation, unless stated otherwise.



To solve problems, find right gender of required relation and eliminate all wrong choices if any. Also, find generation gaps to solve quickly.

You can solve by drawing a generation diagram. For this put lower generation below the upper generation and mention M (or m) and F (or f) within bracket for male and female respectively.

Please notice that you have to find someone's gender from his/her name.






Introducing Kartik, Mohit says, "I am the son of the only son of his grandfather." How Mohit is related to Kartik?

(a) Brother                                

(b) Nephew       

(c) Son                         

(d) Uncle


Explanation (a):

The only son of Kartik's grandfather is Kartik's father.

The son of Kartik's father is Kartik's brother, that is, Mohit.

Therefore, Mohit is Kartik's brother.

So, the correct option is (a).

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