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Blood Relation

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Blood Relation


Blood Relation

Blood relation is a biological relation. Although husband and wife are not biologically related to each other but they are biological parents of their own children. Similarly, brother, sister, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother maternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, grandson, grandmother, niece, cousin etc. are our blood relatives.

Blood relations are mainly classified into two categories;


Relations of Paternal Side


1. Father's father               Grandfather

2. Father's mother              Grandmother

3. Father's brother              Uncle

4. Father's sister                Aunt

5. Children of uncle             Cousin

6. Wife of uncle               Aunt

7. Children of aunt             Cousin

8. Husband of aunt            Uncle


Relations of Maternal Side



1. Mother's father                Maternal grandfather

2. Mother's mother              Maternal grandmother

3. Mother's brother              Maternal uncle

4. Mother's sister                Aunt

5. Children of maternal uncle     Cousin

6. Wife of maternal uncle        Maternal aunt


Questions on Blood Relationship are related to our day to day life. We are bound by our kith and kin through a chain of relationships. The examiner defines the simple relationships by using rather complicated set of definitions and expects from us to comprehend these definitions rather quickly, in order to solve these problems, analyse the given statements carefully and systematically.


(i)  My father’s only child means I (Myself).

(ii) Ritu’s husband’s father-in-law’s only daughter means Ritu (Herself).

Pay particular attention to the information given in the question itself without your personal biases and preconceived notions and assumptions coming to the fore.

Questions on Blood Relationship can be solved by any of the following methods:

(i) Deduction Method

(ii) Pictorial Method

While attempting questions on Blood Relationship first read all the pieces of information as quickly as possible and then point out the two persons between whom relationship is to be established. Finally, try to co-relate the given relationships. While concluding relationship between two persons be careful about the sexes of the persons involved. Majority of the students tend to define or derive relationship without caring for sex of the persons.

Is it possible to define relationship between two persons without knowing their sex?

No, it is not possible. Consider the following illustration:

A is the child of P and Q.

From this statement can we conclude that P is the father of A. Without knowing the sex of either P or Q, it is not possible to conclude that P is the father of A. What we can conclude from the above statement is that P and Q are parents of A. Thus, we see that the knowledge about the sex of persons is necessary to conclude relationship between the two persons.


Some Important Tips

(i) First of all choose the two persons; between-whom relationship is to be established.

(ii) Next, pin-point the Intermediate relationship i.e., such relationship through which long drawn relationship can be established between the required persons.

(iii) Finally, conclude the relationship directly between the two persons as per the requirement of the question.

(iv) From a particular name we cannot ascertain the sex (gender) of that person. The name does not always show the gender beyond reasonable doubt.

For example: We often hear the same name for male and female in the Punjabi community. The names, Harvinder, Sukhwinder, Gurinder etc. are used for both the sexes in the Punjabi community. There are certain other names which are used for both the sexes all over the country. For example, Suman, Kamal etc.


The list given below is quite helpful in recognising some indirect relationships:


Son's wife                                            Daughter-in-law

Husband's or wife's sister                                Sister-in-law

Brother's or Sister's son                                 Nephew

Brother's daughter                                    Niece

Aunt's or Uncle's son or daughter                         Cousin

Sister's husband                                       Brother-in-law

Brother's wife                                       Sister-in-law

Grandfather's or Grandmother's son                      Father or Uncle

Grandfather's or Grandmother's only                    Mother

Daughter-in-law (or daughter)      

Grandfather's or Grandmother's only                    Mother or Aunt


Only son of daughter (Paternal)                        Father

Only daughter of Grandfather

(Maternal)                                              Mother

Uncle's wife                              Aunt

Father of Grandfather or

Grandmother                                 Great Grandfather

Only Daughter-in-law of

Grandfather (Paternal)                               Mother

Wife of Father                                     Mother

Husband of Mother                                Father


The questions on Blood Relationship are asked in various formats but substantially there is no difference between them. However, consider the pattern of the question we are obliged to discuss them separately.

 The mother of Sukesh is the only daughter of Sarita’s father. How Sarita is related to Sukesh?

            (a) Sister                        (b) Mother

            (c) Aunt                          (d) Data inadequate

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (b)

 Explanation: Only daughter of Santa’s father = Sarita only. The mother of Sukesh is Santa.





B is son of C’s maternal grandfather’s only daughter. How is C’s father related to B?

            (a) Grandfather               (b) Uncle

            (c) Father                         (d) Cannot determine

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (c)

Explanation: Cs maternal grandfather’s only daughter means Cs mother So, B is son of Cs mother. So, B and C are siblings. Cs father is B’s father too.



Commonly Asked Questions

Introducing a man, Neeraj said, “His wife is the only daughter of my wife.” How is Neeraj related to that man?

            (a) Father                       (b) Grandfather

            (c) Father-in-law            (d) Son

            (e) Brother

Ans.     (c)

Explanation: The only daughter of Neeraj’s wife is the daughter of Neeraj and her husband is the son-in-law of Neeraj.


Pointing towards a girl, a teacher said, “She is the only daughter of the only son of the wife of the father-in-law of my wife”. How is the girl related to the teacher?

            (a) Nice                         (b) Daughter

            (c) Sister                       (d) Daughter-in-law

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (b)

 Explanation: Father-in-law of my wife = father-in-law of teacher’s wife = teacher’s father

 Wife of the father-in-law of my wife = wife of teachers father = teacher’s mother.

 Only son of teacher’s mother = teacher

 So, she is only daughter of teacher.



Pointing towards Bhavan, Nalini said, “He is the son of only son of my father”. How is the mother of Bhavan related to Nalini?

            (a) Daughter                   (b) Sister-in-law

            (c) Sister                         (d) Aunt

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (b)

Explanation: My father  Nalini’s father

Only son of Nalini’s father  Nalini’s only brother He (Bhavan) is the son of Nalini’s only brother  Bhavan is Nalini’s nephew. Mother of Bhavan is Nalini’s only brother’s wife  Nalini’s sister-in-law.




A woman walking with a boy meets another woman and on being asked about her relationship with the boy, she says, “My maternal uncle and his maternal uncle’s maternal uncle are brother. “How is the boy related to the woman?

            (a) Nephew                    (b) Son

            (c) Brother-in-law          (d) Grandfather

            (e) None of these

Ans.     (b)

Explanation: Boy’s maternal uncle is woman’s brother Therefore, the boy is the son of the woman.





































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