7th Class Science Electric Current and Its Effects Electricity


Category : 7th Class

*      Electricity


It has been observed that when charged particles move, a special kind of effect is produced which can be used for various applications, as it posses energy.

This form of energy is called electrical energy, electric current or electricity. In other words, electricity is a form of energy, which is produced when charged particles move. Electricity can also be defined as flow of electrons through a conductor wire.

It is convenient to utilize electric energy .Therefore different sources of energy (fossil fuel, water, wind, etc.) is harvested to generate electrical energy, which is then converted into different other forms of energy ,i.e. heat energy, light energy, sound energy etc., as per our requirement.




*          Production of Electricity

Electricity is produced by harvesting various resources like fossil fuel, wind, water, solar energy etc. and is directly supplied to our houses. Various instruments for generating electricity has been developed, for example, cell, battery, generator etc., as per our requirements.


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