7th Class Science Fibers and Fabric Uses of Fiber

Uses of Fiber

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*     Use of Fibres


Fibres are used for various purposes. Some natural Fibres from plants are eatable. Animal's fibres are not eatable and flesh of animal contains very less amount of Fibres. Fibres from the leaves of coconut trees are used for making coils, mats, baskets etc. Plants of sugarcane are also good source of natural Fibres. They are used for making paper cartoons and various other paper products. Fibres from animals are used for making various kinds of wearable dresses. Optical Fibres are widely used in the telecommunication sectors for the transmission of electrical signals.


Look at the following picture of optical fibres:






     Which one of the following contains large amount of fibres?

(a) Fruits

(b) Egg

(c) Fishes

(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Answer: (a)



      Rayon is known as synthetic fiber. The raw materials for making of rayon is obtained from which one of the following sources?

(a) Cotton plants

(b) Tree pulp

(c) Sheep

(d) Sisal

(e) None of these


Answer: (b)




Fibres obtained from plants and animals are called natural fibres.

Wool is mostly obtained from sheep for knitting warm dresses.

Silk is obtained from silkworm.

Synthetic fibres are made of chemicals.

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