7th Class Science The Living Organisms and their Surrounding Adaptation of Animals in Different Climate

Adaptation of Animals in Different Climate

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*   Adaptation of Animals in Different Climate The presence of specific body features, which enable an animal or a plant to live in a particular habitat, is called adaptation. Migration of the birds protects them from extreme cold and hot climates. Siberian crane is a migratory birds, which come every year in India, during winter. Look at the following picture of penguins and polar bears



         Fig. (1) Penguins                                                                      Fig (2) Polar bear  


Penguins cannot fly but they can swim by their flippers. Penguins live in the extreme cold climate of south Polar Region. Thick skin of penguins and the layer of fat under their skin protect them from extreme cold weather. Penguins huddle together to keep themselves warm. They eat fishes. Polar bear is another animal who lives in polar region. Fur over the skin in the body of polar bears protect them from extreme cold. The layer of fats over the body protect them from temperature loss. They eat fish.      





   Penguins live in the polar region. Which one of the following body features protect them from extreme cold?

(a) Flipper

(b) Denser fur over the skin

(c) Layer of fat under the skin

(d) All of these

(e) None of these 


Answer (c)    




      Which one of the following is true about the penguins?

(a) They live in the desert place

(b) They eat grasses

(c) They live in polar region

(d) All of these

(e) None of these  


Answer: (c)

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