7th Class Science Winds, Storm and Cyclones Cyclones


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*         Cyclones


Cyclone is formed naturally over the sea by the heavy and circular, flow of storm. When air of a particular area of upper surface gets heated, it goes upward, thereby creating low pressure area. Air from with high pressure moves to fill the air gap of the low pressure area. If this movement is very fast, it takes the shape of a cyclone. Center of the cyclone is called the eye of the cyclone. The radius of the eye is near about 10 to 30 km. The eye of the cyclone is free from clouds. The strength of the cyclone decreases on moving towards the earth surface.


Look at the following picture of satellite over view of cyclone






       Air blows from north to south is called north wind. The origin of south wind is in which one of the following direction?

(a) North

(b) East

(c) South

(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Answer: (c)

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