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Generation of Wind Current

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*       Generation of Wind Current


Wind current is generated by the flow of wind from high pressure area to low pressure area. The speed of wind is called wind current. Major pressure belt are subtropical highs, sub polar lows, polar highs and equatorial low. Subtropical highs lie over ocean and develop in summer. The region between 50° and 70° latitude is known as sub polar low. The region of south and north poles is called polar highs. The lack of sunlight causes the high pressure and low current of wind. Equatorial low, called low region due to the low pressure zone, is developed in the presence of heavy amount of solar radiation. Air gets heated around the equator and goes upwards. High pressure region allows flowing air towards low pressure area.


*            Anemometer

An instrument which is used to measure the speed of wind is known as anemometer. The feather like structure, called cups, in front of the anemometer rotates according to the speed of wind. A meter inside it measures the speed of the rotation. The speed of rotation of cups is totally depended on the speed of wind. Slower speed of wind causes the slower rotation of cups and meter inside it reads a low level of flow of wind.


Look at the following picture of anemometer






          Major pressure belts of the earth atmosphere are categorized into which one of the following type?

(a) Eight

(b) Four

(c) Two

(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Answer: (b)



        Sub polar low is between 50° and 70° latitude. Polar high of the earth is located at which one of the following latitude?

(a) 30° latitude towards north and south

(b) 60° towards north and south

(c) 90° towards north and south

(d) All of these

(e) None of these


Answer: (c)

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