8th Class Computers Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction to Power Point

Introduction to Power Point

Category : 8th Class

*   Introduction to Power Point


Microsoft PowerPoint is basically a presentation of graphics package, which helps in the formulation of presentations requiring slides. With the help of PowerPoint, slides can be prepared quickly and having a consistent look to the presentation. The use of slides enhances the effectiveness of communication and clarity of subject material to the audience as well as its retention by them.  


* To start PowerPoint: 

Click Start and Select Programs  Microsoft Office  Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 to open the Microsoft PowerPoint window.  


*  To open a blank presentation: 

  • Click create a new Presentation link on the Getting Started pane. A new window opens.
  • Click Blank presentation link on the New Presentation pane, when a new presentation opens, the Slide Layout pane on the right side of the window appears.  
  • Select the layout which you want to select by double-clicking on any one of them.  

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