Types of Letter

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*  Types of Letter


Letters can be divided into two types, which are as follows:

(i) Formal letters

(ii) Informal letters


*    Formal Letters


Formal letters are of following types:

(i)  Official Letter

(ii) Letter to the Editor

(iii) Business Letter

(iv) Application


*   Informal Letters


These letters are written to:

(i) Friends

(ii) Parents

(iii) Relatives


*     Format (Informal Letter)


Self Address :                                                                              Date(dd/mm/yy) 


Dear ABC                                                


(i) Introduction                                                            

(ii) Main content                                                       

(iii) Closing                                                             

Yours lovingly/ sincerely         







Thomsan Street


25th October, 2011

Dear James,

I hope this letter will find you in the best of your health and high spirits. As you know that our annual exam is approaching, so through this letter. I am going to inform you about my preparation for the exam. From the very beginning, I have been paying proper attention towards my studies. So my preparation for the exam is very good. I have almost completed all the subjects. I need to revise properly. This time my expectation is high for the exam. You also tell me about your preparation.

Rest is ok.

Please convey my regards to elders and love to youngers.

       Yours Sincerely,




*    Format (Formal Letter)

Self Add:                                                                                                  Date(dd/mm/yy)

Designation and address of the Receiver

Dear/ Respected Sir


Body in 3 paragraphs)

(i)     Introduction

(ii)    Content

(iii)    Closing

Yours Faithfully





(i) Write a letter to the manager of electricity board complaining about irregular supply of electricity in your area.

C ? 35                                                                                                               15thOctober, 2011




The Manager

Electricity Board

Veer Savarkar


Subject: Complaining against irregular supply of electricity.


Respected Sir,


With due respect I would like to draw your kind attention towards irregular supply of electricity in our area. The electricity supply is very irregular in our area which has completely disrupted the normal life of the people. The uncertainty about timing has further worsened the situation. Students' exams are approaching but they can't study properly. Students and office-goers are the worst sufferers. The people living on upper floors of the buildings have been facing water scarcity because of electricity. Motor can't run without electricity to draw water. Besides these thieves take advantage of darkness to steal precious items from houses. It has also increased the road accidents at nights. The residents are exasperated. We have already complained to the concerned authorities but no action has been taken yet. Therefore, on the behalf of all the residents. I am requesting you to look into the matter and issue the order to the concerned authorities to take action in this regard at earliest.

Yours faithfully



 *     Format (Letter to the Editor)


Self address                                                                                                           Date (dd/mm/yy)

The Editor                                                         

The ABC Times                                                


Respected Sir

(Body is 3 Paragraph)

(i) Starting lines

(ii) Content

(iii) Closing

Yours faithfully




1.                   Write a letter to the Editor of The Times of India expressing concern on increasing pollution.


A - 15                                                                                                     10th September, 2011

Greater Kailash - 1


New Delhi

The Editor

The Times of India

B. S. Z., Marg

New Delhi-2


Subject : Expressing concern on the issue of increasing pollution.


Respected Sir,

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my concern on the issue of increasing pollution in our country. The pollution in our country has taken the shape of a giant monster and has been increasing rapidly day by day. The situation has become worst in urban areas and specially in metros. The number of vehicles has been increasing day by day which has resulted in more poisonous gases in our environment industrialization and urbanization have further worsened the situation. The government and its agencies are making hue and cry about it time to time but at the ground level they do nothing. The elite class of our country attends seminars and deliver speeches to express their concern on increasing pollution rather than making sincere effort for its prevention. I hope that now concerned authorities will wake up from deep sleep and will work collectively with the common man to prevent it, otherwise the days are not very far when our own existence will be in danger. I hope that now the concerned authorities will sincerely take proper and concrete step to curb this problem as early as possible.

Yours faithfully




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