8th Class English Noun Kinds of Noun

Kinds of Noun

Category : 8th Class

*     Kinds of Noun


There are five kinds of noun

1.       Proper Noun

2.       Common Noun

3.       Collective Noun

4.       Material Noun

5.       Abstract Noun  


*       Proper Noun

Proper noun is a specific name of a place, a person, or a thing. The first letter of a proper noun is always represented by a capital letter.  


*      Proper Nouns in English

1. Name of the Month and Day    October, November, etc.
2. Name of a Company           Infosys, Mahindra, etc.
3. Names of People             Obama, James, etc.
4. Names of Places               Mumbai, Chennai, etc.
5. Titles of People                Sir William, President, Obama , etc.
6. Name of Books, Newspapers    The New York Times, The Morning Herald, The Ramayan, etc.


NOTE:  There are some nouns, such as sun, moon, earth, which seem to be the names of particular individual objects, but they are not proper names.  


*       Common Noun

Definition: Common nouns are words for people, things, animals, or ideas.  


*       Common Noun for Persons

Secretary        Actor              Coach             Sailor
Salesman       Director            Burglar            Pianist
Architect        Tourist             Nurse              Dentist
Driver           Scientist           Trainer             Magician
Carpenter       Guardian           Barber              Veterinarian


*       Common Noun for Relations

Father          Daughter          Mother           Son
Grandfather     Brothers          Grandmother     Sisters


*      Common Noun for Fruits and Vegetables

Apple           Broccoli           Peach             Celery
Banana         Spinach           Fig               Cabbage
Apricot         Lettuce    


*      Common Noun for Animals

Panda          Ant               Snake             Bee
Giraffe         Butterfly          Goose            Prawn
Duck           Crab                  Eagle         Dolphin


*      Common Noun for Places

Bank           Zoo               Street
Restaurant      Park               Terrace
School          Library            Ground
Office          Factory             Market


*      Common Noun for Things

Toaster         Computer          Bat
Pencil          Shoes             Refrigerator
Fan            Camera           Television
Bicycle         Truck                  Chair


*       Common Noun for Ideas

Love             Brilliance          Freedom
Hate            Beauty            Silence
Pride           Anger             Victory


The following is the list of common nouns

animal babies cabbage dad ear
abode baby cable daughter earth
account back cactus day earthquake
achieve badge cake death edge
acoustics bag calculator debt education
act bait calendar decision effect
action balance camera deer egg
activity ball camp degree eggnog
actor Balloon can design eggs
addition Banana cannon desire elbow
adjustment Band canvas desk end
advertisement Base cap destruction engine
advice baseball caption detail error
aftermath Basin car development event
afternoon basket card digestion example
afterthought basketball care dime exchange
agreement bat carpenter dinner existence
air bath carriage dinosaurs expansion
airplane battle cars direction experience
airport bead cart dirt expert
alarm beam cast discovery eye
amount bean cat discussion eyes
amusement bear cattle disease jail
anger bears cause disgust jam
jam beast cave distance jar
angle bed celery distribution jeans
animal bee cellar division jelly
answer beef cemetery dock jellyfish
ant beetle cent doctor jewel
apparatus beggar chain dog join
apparel beginner chair doll joke
apple behavior chalk donkey journey
appliance belief chance door judge
approval bell change downtown juice
arch berry channel drain                         jump
argument bike cheese drawer  
arithmetic bird cherries dress  
arm birth chess drink  
army birthday chicken driving  
art bedroom chickens drop  
attack alley children Drug  
attempt game chin Drum  
attraction garden hair Duck  
authority gate haircut ducks  
face geese hall Ice  
fact ghost hammer Icicle  
fairies giants hand Idea  
fall giraffe harbor impulse  
family girl harmony income  
fan glass hat increase  
fang glove head industry  
farm glue health Ink  
farmer goat hearing insec  
father heart Instrument    
fear heat Insurance    
feast   feet interest  
feather     invention  


*       Collective Noun

Definition: A collective noun is a word used to define a group of objects, where objects can be people, animals, emotions, inanimate things, concepts, or other things.

For example: Class, bundle, bunch, herd, swarm, etc.

See the following list of collective nouns:  

Collective Name                  Animal
herd                               of antelope
army                            of ants
colony                             of ants
swarm                          of ants
culture                               of bacteria
colony                            of badgers
sloth                                of bears
pack                               of bears (polar bears)
colony                             of beavers
flight                               of bees
hive                                of bees
swarm                          of bees
congregation                       of birds
flight                                  of birds
flock                                 of birds
herd                              of boar
singular                            of boar
sounder                         of boar
herd                                 of buffalo
rabble of butterflies
swarm of butterflies
wake of buzzards
flock of camels
army of caterpillars
clowder of cats
dutter of cats
pounce of cats
drove of cattle
herd of cattle
team of cattle
yoke of cattle (two)
flock of chickens
peep of chickens
brood of chicks
Chattering of chicks
clutch of chicks
cartload of chimpanzees
quiver of cobras
rag of colts
sedge of cranes
siege of cranes
congregation of crocodiles
float of crocodiles
storytelling of crows
murder of cows
herd of deer
leash of deer
parcel of deer
kennel of dogs
pack of dogs
pod of dolphins
drove of donkeys
herd of donkeys
bevy of doves
cote of doves
dole of doves
flight of doves
brace of ducks
flock of ducks
team of ducks
aerie of eagles
convocation of eagles
swarm of eels
herd of elephants
gang of elk
herd of elk
mob of emus
haul  of fish
school of fish
shoal of fish
swarm of flies
lead of foxes
leash of foxes
skulk of foxes
army of frogs
colony of frogs
knot of frogs
flock of geese
herd of giraffes
tower of giraffes
cloud of gnats
drove of goats
herd of goats
tribe of goats
trip of goats
charm of goldfinches
glint of goldfish
band of gorillas
drove of hares
down of hares
husk of hares
aerie of hawks
cast of hawks
kettle of hawks
brood of hens
hedge of herons
sedge of herons
siege of herons .
herd of horses
team of horses
troop of horses
cry of hounds
mute of hounds
pack of hounds
charm of hummingbirds
clan of hyenas
smack of jellyfish
herd of kangaroos
mob of kangaroos
troop of kangaroos
deceit of lapwings
ascension of larks
exaltation of larks
leap of leopards
leep of leopards
pride of nons
sault of lions
troop of lions
lounge of lizards
plague of locusts
gord of mallards
horde of mice
company of mole
tribe monkeys
troop of monkeys
troup of monkeys
herd of moose
barren of mules
pack of mules
watch of nightingales
parliament of owls
drove of oxen
herd of oxen
company of parrots
bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
flight of Pigeons
flock of Pigeons
drove of pigs
herd of pigs
litter of pigs
bevy of quail
covey of quail
bury of rabbits
colony of rabbits
colony of rats
horde of rats
mischief of rats
pack of rats
swarm of rats
colony of seals
crash of seals
herd of seals
school of shark
shiver of shark
flock of sheep
fold of sheep
host of sparrows
dray of squirrels
scurry of squirrels
murmuration of starlings
muster of storks
flight of swallows
bevy of swans
herd of swans
flock of swifts
drift of swine
sounder of swine
spring of teals
ambush of tigers
streak                             of tigers
knot                              of toads
hover                             of trout
flock                              of turkeys
colony                             of vultures
mob                               of wallabees
herd                              of walruses
herd                              of whales
pod                                of whales
school                             of whales
herd                              of wolves
pack                              of wolves
rout                               of wolves
herd                              of yaks
herd                              of zebras
zeal                               of zebras


*        Material Noun

Definition: The name of a thing that exists only in the form of a mass and cannot be counted is called a Material Noun. A Material Noun is the name of a substance which can be measured or weighed.  

See the following Material Noun:

Glass, iron, clay, frost, rain, snow, wheat, wine, tea, sugar, etc.  

They may be placed in groups as follows:

(i) The metals: Iron, gold, platinum, etc.

(ii) Products spoken of in bulk: Tea, sugar, rice, wheat, etc.

(iii) Geological bodies: Mud, sand, granite, rock, stone, etc.

(iv) Natural phenomena: Rain, dew, cloud, frost, mist, etc.

(v) Various manufactures: Cloth (and the different kinds of cloth, potash, soap, rubber, paint, celluloid, etc.  


*       Abstract Noun

Definition: The name given to a quality, state or action is called an Abstract Noun. A noun that is abstract is an aspect, concept, idea, experience, state of being, trait, quality, feeling, or other entity that cannot be experienced with the five senses.  


*       Common Abstract Nouns

Love Hate
Anger Peace
Pride Sympathy


Bravery Loyalty                              
Honesty Integrity                           
Compassion Charity
Success Courage
Deceit Skill
Beauty Brilliance
Pain Misery


Beliefs Dreams
Justice Truth
Faith Liberty                             
Knowledge Thought                           
Information Culture                            
Trust Dedication                       


Progress Education                            
Hospitality Leisure                              
Trouble Friendships                          


Abstract forms of nouns are very common and an important part of communication. In many cases these types of nouns are derived from an addition of a suffix or alteration in the root word. Child is a concrete noun, for example, but childhood is an intangible state, so it is abstract.

Nouns with the following suffixes are often abstract:

  •    -tion
  •   -ism
  •   -ity
  •   -ment
  •   -ness
  •   -age
  •   -ance/-ence
  •   -ship
  •   -ability  


*       Abstract Nouns formed from Adjectives

Bitter                             bitterness
Brave                             Bravery
Broad                              Breadth
Dark                              darkness
Deep                              depth
False                              falsehood
Great                             greatness
High                              height
Honest                            honesty
Hot                               heat
Humble                            humility
Intelligent                         Intelligence
Just                               justice
Long                              length
Poor                              poverty
Proud pride
Prudent prudence
Short shortness
Sole solitude
True truth
Vain vanity
Wide width
Wise wisdom
Young youth


NOTE:  Youth may also be a Common Noun (a youth of seventh) and a collective Noun (Give youth its chance). In this latter sentence youth = young people thought of collectively.  


*        Abstract Nouns formed from Common Nouns

Common Noun Abstract Noun
Agent agency
Bond bondage
Boy boyhood
Captain captaincy
Child childhood
Friend friendship
Hero heroism
Infant infancy
King kingship
Man manhood
Mother motherhood
Owner ownership
Priest priesthood
Rascal rascality
Regent regency
Rogue roguery
Slave slavery


*         Abstract Nouns formed from Verbs

Verb Abstract Noun
Advise Advice
Admit admission
Arrive arrival
Agree agreement
Behave belief
Choose choice
Conceal concealment
Defend defence
Depart departure
Die death
Expect expectation
Enter entrance
Fail failure
Free freedom
Hate hatred
Judge judgment
Laugh laughter
Live life
Move motion
Neglect negligence
Obey obedience
Permit permission
Please pleasure
Protect protection
Punish punishment
Relieve relief
See sight
Serve service
Succeed success
Seize seizure
Think thought
Unite union/unity
Warn Warmth


*       Abstract Nouns of the same form as verbs

Verb Abstract Noun
Cry cry
Desire desire
Fall fall
Fear fear
Hope                             hope
Laugh laugh
Love                            love
Move move
Order order
Regret regret
Ride ride
Rise rise
Run run
SIeep sleep
Sob sob
Stand stand
Stay stay
Step step
Stop stop
Taste Taste
Touch                             touch
Walk                             walk


*      Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Nouns can be either countable or uncountable.

  •  Countable Nouns are those which can be counted. They have 'a' or 'an' before them in the singular form.
  •  Uncountable Nouns are those which cannot be counted. They do not have'a' or 'an' before them.  

Read the following examples:

(i) She has a dog and a cat.                                            (Countable Nouns)

(ii) He has some sugar in the bowl.                           (Uncountable Nouns)

(iii) Albert has an elephant and as ass.                    (Countable Nouns)

(iv) Darkness frightens me.                                         (Uncountable Nouns)  

You notice that dog and cat (common nouns) are countable. You can say one dog, two dogs, one cat or two cats. The words elephant and ass are also countable the words sugar and darkness are uncountable. You cannot count one sugar, two sugars or one darkness and two darkness.  

Some nouns are used both as uncountable and countable.  

Read the following examples.

(i)     Alisha has grey hair.                                                                                   Uncountable     

There is a hair in my shop.                                                                       Countable

(ii)    This statue is made of stone.                                                                Uncountable      

I have a stone in my hand.                                                                      Countable

(iii)    There is cheese in the fridge.                                                              Uncountable      

There were dozens of cheeses in the fridge.                                     Countable

(iv)    Sound cannot travel in vacuum.                                                         Uncountable      

Animals make different kinds of sounds.                                            Countable

(v)     Noise can make a person deaf.                                                           Uncountable     

There are many kinds of noises in the forest at night.                     Countable      


The following nouns can be used both as countable and uncountable.  

Tea Pain Coffee Protest
Shampoo Pleasure Cake War
Land Success Rain Difficult
Snow Toothpaste Abuse Fear
Business Life    


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