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Dot Situation

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In such type of problems one or more dot(s) is (are) placed somewhere in the region enclosed in between geometrical figures such as triangle, square, rectangle, circle, etc. A candidate is required to identify one alternative figure which has the same region(s) as the region(s) marked by dot(s) in the given figure.






Select the figure from the four options that has the same conditions of the placement of the dots as in Fig. (X).


                (a)                (b)

                (c)              (d)


Explanation (b):

In Fig. (X), there are two dots and four geometrical figures - square, rectangle, circle and triangle. Out of the two dots:

(i) One dot lies in the region common to the circle and the square only.

(ii) One dot lies in the region common to all the four figures, i.e. square, rectangle, circle and triangle.                                                                         

Now, out of the four alternatives, only figure (b) has two different types of regions as shown below.


So the correct answer is (b).


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