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Types of Spreadsheet Packages

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*   Types of Spreadsheet Packages


Spreadsheets are useful for maintaining and analyzing numeric data. There are number of spreadsheet packages available, some are designed to work on specific operating system and, some can be used on different platform. Types of spreadsheet packages are the following:

  • Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8
  • Quattro Pro From Corel
  • GS-Calc
  • Microsoft Excel  


* Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8

Is also known as Lotus SmartSuite released in 2008. The main feature of this version is speech - enabled Smart Master templates, which allows users to perform common task using speech. Lotus 1-2-3 also allows performing several mathematical calculations, such as total and average.


* Quattro Pro

Is offered by Corel. It contains notebook that are divided into worksheets. A notebook can contain multiple spreadsheets which are compatible with Excel.  


* GS-Calc

Has some interested features, such as more than 2 million rows, over 2000 columns, password protection and encryption. It also allows importing dBase II and IV and Excel files. GS - Calc allows 20,000 undo and redo levels.  


* Microsoft Excel

In 1984, Excel was invented for Apple Macintosh computer. It was the first Spreadsheet that provides GUI (Graphical User Interface). In 1987, Microsoft released Windows operating system. At that time Excel was the first spreadsheet that was developed for another operating system. Excel is very useful application software which is useful in number of areas, such as, financial accounting, solving complex engineering problems and creating business planning.

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