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Introducing Microsoft Word 2003

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*  Introducing Microsoft Word 2003



Microsoft Word is a powerful and spontaneous word processor. MS Office brings new revolution in documentation. Gone are the days of typewriter. Using word you can create a document by using various fonts and styles. You can also add graphics and pictures in your document. MS Words allows saving a document for future use. You can also take print of your document. MS Office provides fully GUI environment that makes easy to use it. The following are the elements of MS Word:  


* Title Bar

Is located at the top of the window and displays the name of the document which is active.  


* Minimize Button

Is located on the upper right corner of the window. It is the first button of existing three buttons.  


* Maximize/Restore

Is also located on the upper right corner of the window. It is the second button of existing three buttons. It basically changes the size of the window.  


* Document Close Button

Is located on the upper right corner of the window. It is the third button of existing three buttons. It is basically used for closing the document on window.  


* Menu Bar

Is the list of main menu choices located below the title bar.  


* Standard Tool Bar

Provides button for commonly used commands, which are located below the menu bar.  


* Formatting Tool Bar

Provides buttons which are most commonly used for formatting commands, and located below standard toolbar.  


* Rulers

Displays information about the left margin, right margin, top and bottom margins, and it also allows horizontal and vertical alignment of the text in a document.  


* Scroll Bar

Allows scrolling the document up and down or from left to right. There are two types of scroll bar: vertical and horizontal.  


* Status Bar

Displays information about the active document, such as current line number, column number or page number. It is located across the bottom of the application window.  


* Text Area

Is the area where you enter your text document is referred as Text Area.  



*  To create a new Microsoft Word 2003 document:

  • Click Start to display Start menu.
  • Select Programs  -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Word 2003   to open Microsoft Word window.
  • Select File -> New or press Ctrl + N to open a new document.  
  • Place the insertion point at the location where you want to type the text.
  • Enter the appropriate text.
  • Press the Enter key to end a short line or a paragraph and to create a blank line.
  • Press the Tab key to move the insertion point "1/2" to right.
  • Press the Delete key to remove the character or space immediately to the right of the insertion point.
  • Press the Backspace key to delete the character or space immediately to the left of the insertion point.  

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