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Saving and Opening a Document

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*  Saving and Opening a Document


MS Word allows saving document permanently on any location of hard disk for future use. Word enables the Save or Save As commands that allow saving a document. The Save As command can be used in three cases, these are: To save a document for the first time, to save a document with a new/another name and to save a document at a different location. The Save command allows you to save a document with its current name in its current location. The Save commands updates a saved document.  


* The following are the steps to use the Save command: 

  • Click File -> Save                                                        Or
  • Click Save on the Standard toolbar.                         Or
  • Press Ctrl + S shortcut key.  


* To save a new document you need to apply the following steps: 

  • Click File -> Save As to display the Save As dialog box.
  • Select the appropriate location where the document needs to be saved by selecting a folder from the Save In drop - down list.
  • In the File name text box, type the name of the file and click Save. MS Word enables to open saved document easily. When you open a file, Microsoft Word places a copy of the file in an active document window. To open a document:
  • Select File -> Open or Press Ctrl + O key or click Open to display the Open dialog box.
  • Select the appropriate location where you want to save a file in the look in drop - down list.
  • Select the document that is to be opened and click Open.  


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