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Category : 9th Class



Select the pair among the given choices which are the exact antonyms.  


  Suspicious: Trustworthy

(a) Tender: Lovable                                        

(b) Conjecture : Deem  

(c) Discover: Guess                                        

(d) Assistance : Influence

(e) None of these  



  Debar: Begin

(a) Furnish : Exhaust                                      

(b) Superficial : External               

(c) Pertinent: Convenient                           

(d) Rout: Provoke

(e) None of these  



  Disburse : Accumulate

(a) Resonance : Rational                              

(b) Sermon: Homily

(c) Embodiment: Ego                                     

(d) Impetuosity: Velocity

(e) None of these  



  Agitate: Assuage

(a) Woe : Delight                                             

(b) Solace : Deaden

(c) liquefaction : Dissolution                       

(d) Fathom : Search

(e) None of these  



  Impetuosity: Sluggishness

(a) Amass: Hoard                                            

(b) Squander: Dissipate

(c) Affliction: Trouble                                    

(d) Crystallization: Liquefaction

(e) None of these  



  Slander : Decry

(a) Praise: Eulogies                                         

(b) Emancipation : Liberty

(c) Animated :Sleepy                                     

(d) Sneer.-Jeer

(e) None of these  



  Nimble : Doltish 

(a) Disrupt: Shatter                                        

(b) Simper: Smirk            

(c) Lethargic : Energetic                                

(d) Somnolence : Rest

(e) None of these  



  Scoff : Appreciate

(a) Ridicule : Sneer                                         

(b) Provoke ; Incense    

(c) Bristly : Uneven                                         

(d) Doltish : Clever

(e) None of these  



  Drudgery : Independence

(a) Vigilance : Active                                      

(b) Spruce : Ragged        

(c) Shabby : Elegant                                       

(d) Grin : Sneer

(e) None of these  



  Colonize : Settle

(a) Sleuth: Shade                                            

(b) Lenient: Affable       

(c) Austere : Mild                                            

(d) Lustre: Glow

(e) None of these    


Select the pair among the given choices which are the exact synonyms.  


  Possible: Likely

(a) Forecast; Prophecy                                 

(b) Mystery : Occult       

(c) Superior: Dominant                                 

(d) Entreaty: Adoration

(e) None of these  



  Beggary: Penury

(a) Sway: Rule                                                  

(b) Authority: Capacity

(c) Conceivable: Feasible                             

(d) Unequivocal: Positive

(e) None of these  



  Awkward : Unpolished

(a) Bluff: Coarse                                              

(b) Civil: Chivalrous         

(c) Uncouth: Bluff                                           

(d) Gallant: Heroic

(e) None of these  



  Possess: Obtain

(a) Contestable: Doubtful                           

(b) Atheism: Egotism

(c) Contempt: Reproof                                 

(d) Blame: Praise

(e) None of these  



  Chance: May be

(a) Saturate: Percolate                                 

(b) Diffuse: Exude

(c) Pervade: Fill                                                

(d) Defrayment: Discharge

(e) None of these  



  Respite: Impetus

(a) Beneath: Under                                        

(b) Inception: Outcome

(c) Compulsory: Enforced                            

(d) Idea: Dogma

(e) None of these  



  Opening : Closure

(a) Elective: Voluntary                                  

(b) Inscribed: Spoken

(c) Sequel: Result                                            

(d) Organization: Systematization

(e) None of these  



  Undistinguished : Uncommon

(a) Association: Individual                           

(b) Mark able: Average

(c) Allowance: Liberty                                   

(d) Ineffectiveness: Powerlessness

(e) None of these  



  Nimble : Clumsy

(a) Sluggish : Inert                                           

(b) Ignoble : Humble

(c) Magnificent: Aristocrat                          

(d) Grandee : Dilatory

(e) None of these  



  Valiant: Timid

(a) Hesitant: Agitated                                    

(b) Obsolete : Modern

(c) Infamous : Disreputable                        

(d) Manifold :Sundry

(e) None of these    


Select the pair among the given choices which are related in the same way as the given words.        


  Editor: Newspaper

(a) Nurse: Hospital                                         

(b) Lecture: University  

(c) Architect: Design                                      

(d) Teacher: School

(e) None of these  



  Island: Ocean

(a) Forest: Valley                                             

(b) Oasis : Desert            

(c) Hill: Stream                                                  

(d) Tree : Field

(e) None of these  



  Sorrow: Death

(a) Laugh: Cry                                                   

(b) Happiness: Birth       

(c) Confusion: Anger                                     

(d) Fear: Hate

(e) None of these  



  Room: House

(a) Cockpit: Plane                                            

(b) Cabin: Ship                  

(c) Wheel: Car                                                  

(d) Chair: Room

(e) None of these  



  Tiara: Head

(a) Knapsack: Back                                          

(b) Palm: Hand                 

(c) Noose: Neck                                               

(d) Epaulet: Shoulder

(e) None of these  



  Whisper: Speak

(a) Heat: Chill                                                    

(b) Request: Ask                             

(c) Brush: Touch                                              

(d) Listen: Bear

(e) None of these  



  Tadpole : Frog

(a) River: Sea                                                    

(b) Caterpillar: Butterfly               

(c) Star: Moon                                                  

(d) Bee : Flower

(e) None of these  



  Umpire: Game

(a) Prodigy: Wonder                                      

(b) Chief : Banquet

(c) Legislator: Election                                   

(d) Moderator: Debate

(e) None of these  



  Treasure: Chest

(a) Coins: Mint                                                 

(b) Cash: Vault                 

(c) Money: Account                                       

(d) Finance: Exchequer

(e) None of these  



  Torch: Liberty

(a) Balance: Equity                                          

(b) Scales: Justice            

(c) Balance: Equity                                          

(d) Weights: Measure

(e) None of these      




1.        C 2.        A 3.        C 4.        A 5.        D 6.        C 7.        C 8.        D 9.        C 10.      C
11.      A 12.      C 13.      D 14.      D 15.      B 16.      B 17.      D 18.      A 19.      D 20.      B
21.      C 22.      B 23.      B 24.      B 25.      A 26.      B 27.      B 28.      D 29.      B 30.      B



1.       (c) Discover and guess are opposite to each other.    

2.       (a) Furnish and exhaust are opposite to each other.    

3.       (c) Embodiment and ego are antonyms.    

4.       (a) Woe and delight are antonyms.    

5.       (d) Crystallization and liquefaction are opposite to each other.      

6.       (c) Animated and sleepy are opposite to each other.    

7.       (c) Lethargic and energetic are antonyms.    

8.       (d) Doltish and clever are opposite to each other.    

9.       (c) Shabby and elegant are antonyms.    

10.     (c) Austere and mild are opposite to each other.    

11.     (a) Forecast and prophecy are synonymous.    

12.     (c) Conceivable and feasible bear the same meaning.    

13.     (d) Gallant and heroic are synonyms.    

14.     (d) Blame and praise are synonymous.    

15.     (b) Diffuse and exude are synonymous.    

16.     (b) Inception and outcome are similar in meaning.    

17.     (d) Organization and systematization are synonymous.    

18.     (a) Association and individual are synonymous.    

19.     (d) Grandee and dilatory are synonymous.      

20.     (b) Obsolete and modern are similar in meaning.    

21.     (c) Architect and design are related to each other.    

22.     (b) Oasis and desert are related bearing a unique identity.    

23.     (b) Happiness and birth are symbolic to each other.    

24.     (b) Ship has big rooms and cabin is one of them, similar to rooms found in a house. Cabin and ship are jointly related to each other.

25.     (a) Knapsack and back are related to each other as knapsack is a small rucksack used to carry on back.    

26.     (b) Request and ask have crowing relation.    

27.     (b) Caterpillar and butterfly are the two stages of a same insect. Hence, they have basic relation and are interrelated.    

28.     (d) Moderator and debate are closely associated with each other as they share control and access.    

29.     (b) Cash and vault are technically related to each other.    

30.     (b) Scales and justice are related to each other as they indicate final result or outcome.    





  •     Analogy plays a significant role in problem solving.
  •     It is important in decision making.
  •     It helps to form a perception.
  •     It helps to expand memory.
  •     It helps to develop creativity and control emotion.
  •     It helps to tack le explanation and communication.  





  •     Descriptive, in which one word describes the other word, as in Blue: Sky
  •     Part to whole, in which one word is a part or piece of the other, as in Arm: Body.
  •     Item to category, in which one word names something that falls into the group named by the other word, as in Milk: Beverage  





  •     An analogy is a type of word problem that often appears on standardized tests.
  •     Your goal in solving an analogy is to find a word that correctly completes the second pair.
  •     At first glance, the words in an analogy may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but the words are always logically related.
  •     Both pairs of words have the same kind of relationship.
  •     To solve the analogy you need to find that relationship.  

Here is an example:

apple: fruit :: carrot : vegetable

Let's look more closely at the analogy. We should be able to see that apple is related to fruit in the same way that carrot is related to vegetable. In both cases, the first word is a member of the group of the second word-an apple is a kind of fruit; a carrot is a kind of vegetable. When we explain the relationship in a sentence, we have made a relationship sentence, a relationship, a connection, or a bridge between the two words.  

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