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Choose the word which is most similar in meaning (synonym) to the words given in bold.  



(a) Conspicuous                                               

(b) Vivid                              

(c) Distinct                                                          

(d) Vague

(e) None of these




(a) Smart                                                            

(b) Skilful                            

(c) Frank                                                             

(d) Active

(e) None of these




(a) Polite                                                             

(b) Rude                             

(c) Sincere                                          

(d) Plain-spoken

(e) None of these




(a) Internal                                                        

(b) Crucial                           

(c) Mechanical                                                  

(d) Movable

(e) None of these




(a) Dutiful                                                           

(b) Real                               

(c) Awesome                                                    

(d) Difficult

(e) None of these




(a) Doubtful                                                      

(b) Disputable                  

(c) Duplicate                                                      

(d) Dangerous

(e) None of these




(a) Scared                                                            

(b) Embarrassed              

(c) Dumbfounded                                           

(d) Humiliated

(e) None of these




(a) Innumerable                                              

(b) Immeasurable           

(c) Prolonged                                                    

(d) Perpetual

(e) None of these




(a) Authentic                                                    

(b) Legitimate                   

(c) Reliable                                                         

(d) Pure

(e) None of these




(a) Indecent                                                      

(b) Incorrigible                 

(c) Ridiculous                                                    

(d) Intolerable

(e) None of these




(a) Lasting                                                          

(b) Unchanging                                

(c) Steady                                                           

(d) Firm

(e) None of these




(a) Guarantee                                                  

(b) Security                        

(c) Oath                                                               

(d) Promise

(e) None of these




(a) Treaty                                                           

(b) Bargain                         

(c) Settlement                                                  

(d) Agreement

(e) None of these




(a) Destroy                                                        

(b) Anger                            

(c) Relinquish                                                    

(d) Fury

(e) None of these




(a) Determined                                                

(b) Tough                           

(c) Adamant                                                      

(d) Stiff

(e) None of these



Choose the word opposite in meaning (antonym) to the words given in bold.



(a) Imaginary                                                    

(b) Real                               

(c) Certain                                                          

(d) Deceptive

(e) None of these




(a) Descriptive                                                  

(b) Expressive                  

(c) Detailed                                                        

(d) Concise

(e) None of these




(a) Drowsy                                                         

(b) Asleep                          

(c) Dead                                                              

(d) Passive

(e) None of these




(a) Final                                                               

(b) Developed                  

(c) Urgent                                                          

(d) Immediate

(e) None of these




(a) Slim                                                                

(b) Weak                            

(c) Thin                                                                

(d) Short

(e) None of these




(a) Belief                                                             

(b) Trust                              

(c) Hope                                                              

(d) Faith

(e) None of these



 In Toto

(a) Bluntly                                                          

(b) Partially                        

(c) Entirely                                                         

(d) Strongly

(e) None of these




(a) Amateur                                                      

(b) Unchanging                                

(c) Catholic                                                         

(d) Rapid

(e) None of these




(a) Acceptance                                                 

(b) Attraction                    

(c) Choice                                                           

(d) Dislike

(e) None of these




(a) Condemn                                                    

(b) Bless                              

(c) Praise                                                            

(d) Congratulate

(e) None of these




(a) Approved                                                    

(b) Refused                       

(c) Spurned                                                       

(d) Rejected

(e) None of these




(a) Dismissal                                                      

(b) Elimination                  

(c) Rejection                                                     

(d) Exclusion

(e) None of these




(a) Proceed                                                       

(b) Advance                      

(c) Growth                                                         

(d) Progress

(e) None of these




(a) Sparse                                                           

(b) Ample                           

(c) Bare                                                               

(d) Insufficient

(e) None of these




(a) Blamed                                                         

(b) Liable                            

(c) Guilty                                                             

(d) Responsible

(e) None of these




1.        C 2.        C 3.        D 4.        B 5.        C 6.        A 7.        C 8.        D 9.        A 10.      A
11.      B 12.      C 13.      D 14.      B 15.      C 16.      B 17.      C 18.      C 19.      A 20.      C
21.      C 22.      B 23.      C 24.      C 25.      C 26.      C 27.      C 28.      B 29.      B 30.      C





  1. (c) Graphic means connected with designs and drawings. The correct synonym that suits from the given options is distinct.
  2. (c) The meaning of the word ingenuous is innocent, honest, willing to trust people. The correct option that best suits as the synonym of ingenuous is frank.
  3. (d) Candid means to say something honestly and frankly without hiding anything. The correct option that best describes as the synonym of candid is plain-spoken.
  4. (b) Pivotal means of great importance. The correct option that can be chosen as the synonym of pivotal is crucial.
  5. (c) Fretful means restless. Hence the correct option that best suits as the synonym of fretful is mechanical.
  6. (a) The meaning of the word dubious is suspicious, not certain or slightly suspicious about something, doubtful.   Look at the sentences: I was rather dubious about the whole idea. They indulged in some highly dubious business practices to obtain their current position in the market. Hence, the words dubious and doubtful are synonymous.
  7. (c) The meaning of the word flabbergasted is extremely surprised and or shocked, astonished. The meaning of the word dumbfounded is unable to speak because of surprise.   Look at the sentence: The news left him dumbfounded.
  8. (d) The meaning of the word external is perpetual, without an end, constant, existing or continuing forever.   Look at the sentences: She is an eternal optimist. I am tired of your eternal arguments. Hence, the words eternal and perpetual are synonymous.
  9. (a) The meaning of the word genuine is authentic, real, exactly what it appears to be, not artificial.   Look at the sentences: Only genuine refugees can apply for asylum. Hence, the words genuine and authentic are synonymous.
  10. (a) The meaning of the word obscene is connected with sex in a way that most people find offensive, outrageous, very shocking and unacceptable.   Look at the sentences: Most actresses receive obscene phone calls. He earns an obscene amount of money. Hence, the words obscene and indecent are synonymous.
  11. (b) Stable means firmly fixed, not able to change or move. Hence the correct option is unchanging.
  12. (c) Pledge means a serious promise. The correct option that best describes as the synonym of pledge is oath which means promise.
  13. (d) The meaning of pact means formal agreement. The best choice from the options will be agreement.
  14. (b) Rage means a feeling of violent anger which is unable to control. The correct option will be anger here.
  15. (c) Stubborn means obstinate, that which is unchangeable. The correct option synonym will be adamant which means sticking to a particular decision whatever may come on the way.
  16. (b) Illusory means false, deceptive. The correct opposite will be real.
  17. (c) Terse means short, brief. The correct option to check its opposite will be detailed.
  18. (c) Alive means with life, breathing. The appropriate antonym will be dead.
  19. (a) The meaning of tentative is uncertain. The correct opposite for it will be final.
  20. (c) Podgy means fat, fleshy, overweight. The correct option will be thin.
  21. (c) The meaning of despair is hopelessness, misery, depression. The appropriate opposite will be hope.
  22. (b) Into to means to follow as it is without a single or minute change. The opposite will be partially.
  23. (b) Protean means changeable, fluctuating. The correct opposite will be unchanging.
  24. (d) The meaning of predilection is fondness, liking. The appropriate antonym of the same will be dislike.
  25. (c) Admonish means reprimand, rebuke. The correct opposite of the same will be praise.
  26. (a) Declined means refused, turned down. The correct antonym will be approved.
  27. (c) The antonym of acceptance is rejection.
  28. (b) Retreat means to run away or move back. The correct opposite will be to advance.
  29. (b) Meagre means little quantity. The correct antonym will be ample which means sufficient, plenty.
  30. (c) The correct opposite of innocent will be guilty.  




  • A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word.
  • Synonyms are different words with almost identical or similar meanings.
  • Synonyms can be any part of speech (e.g., nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs or prepositions), as long as both members of the pair are the same part of speech.
  • Opposites are words that lie in an inherently incompatible binary relationship as in the opposite pairs. For example, father: mother, husband: wife, black; white, etc. The notion of incompatibility here refers to fact that one word in an opposite pair entails that it is not the other pair member.        





  •     Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous.
  •     The state of being a synonym is called synonymy.

For example, the words co/'and automobile are synonyms.

Similarly, if we talk about a long time or an extended time, long and extended become synonyms.

In the figurative sense, two words are often said to be synonymous if they have the same connotation.

  •     The relationship between opposites is known as opposition.
  •     The term antonym has also been commonly used as a term that is synonymous with opposite; however, the term also has other more restricted meanings.  





  •     Synonyms are defined with respect to certain senses of words. For example,
  •     Pupil as the 'aperture in the iris of the eye' is no synonymous with student.
  •     Similarly, he expired means the same as he died, yet my passport has expired cannot be replaced by my passport has died.
  •     According to some lexicographers, no synonyms have exactly the same meaning.
  •     Opposites are simultaneously different and similar in meaning.
  •     Typically, they differ in only one dimension of meaning, but are similar in most other respects.    

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