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A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word. Synonyms are different words with almost identical or similar meanings.

Antonyms are words that lie in an inherently incompatible binary relationship as the words opposite to each other. Opposites are, interestingly, simultaneously different and similar in meaning.  


Here is a list of few synonyms and antonyms. Check it out.  


*            Words with Synonyms  


  1.   Abandon: Leave, forsake, give up
  2.   Abhor: Hate, detest
  3.   Absurd: Silly, ridiculous
  4.   Abridge: Shorten, curtail, reduce
  5.   Acquiesce: assent
  6.   Apposite: Suitable
  7.   Brisk: Bright, lively
  8.   Baggy: Tight
  9.   Bliss: Joy, happiness, felicity
  10.   Brutal: Savage, cruel
  11.   Callous: Hard, cruel
  12.   Candid: sincere, frank
  13.   Compassion: Sympathy, pity
  14.   Cynical: Misanthropic
  15.   Denounce: Accuse, condemn
  16.   Dexterity: Skill, deftness, adroitness
  17.   Diligent: Industrious, preserving
  18.   Emulate: Imitate
  19.   Eccentric: Odd, singular
  20.   Extravagant: Wasteful, prodigal
  21.   Fabricate: Forge, construct
  22.   Fanciful: Imaginative
  23.   Ferocious: Fierce, savage, barbarous
  24.   Flimsy: Slight, thin
  25.   Gaiety: Joyousness mirth, happiness
  26.   Grievous: Painful, sorrowful
  27.   Guilt: Sin, crime
  28.   Humane: Kind, benevolent
  29.   Hamper: Hinder, impede
  30.   Inanimate: Lifeless
  31.   Incessant: continuous
  32.   Indignant: Angry
  33.   Ingenuous: Artless, sincere
  34.   Jubilant: Joyful
  35.   Jovial: Merry, jolly
  36.   Lament: Mourn, grieve
  37.   Liberal: Generous
  38.   Liberty: Freedom, independence
  39.   Malice: Spite
  40.   Meagre: Small
  41.   Melancholy: Gloomy, sad
  42.   Negligent: Careless, heedless
  43.   Obsolete: Antiquated
  44.   Pensive: Thoughtful
  45.   Persuade: Urge
  46.   Pretence: Excuse, Pretext
  47.   Obscene: indecent, filthy
  48.   Quaint: Queer
  49.   Radiant: Brilliant, bright
  50.   Reiterate: Repeat
  51.   Remorse: Regret, repentance
  52.   Reticent: silent, reserved
  53.   Savage: Wild, barbarous
  54.   Sterile: barren, unproductive
  55.   Sublime: elevated
  56.   Tedious: Wearisome, monotonous
  57.   Temporal: worldly
  58.   Thrifty: Economical
  59.   Urbane: polite, courteous
  60.   Vacillate: Waver
  61.   Vigilance: Watchfulness
  62.   Vindictive: Revengeful
  63.   Warlike: Soldierly
  64.   Weary: Tired
  65.  Wreck: Ruin, destroy
  66.   Yield: Surrender
  67.   Yearn: Crave, desire
  68.   Zest: Enthusiasm
  69.   Zenith: Top, summit
  70.   Zeal: Passion

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