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*       Conjunctions


Introduction: A Conjunction is a word which joins together sentences and sometimes words.

Conjunctions are of two kinds:

(i) Coordinating                  

(ii) Subordinating

A conjunction that joins two words or two coordinate clauses or sentences is called a coordinating conjunction.



Anil came here and sat down.

Shankar is poor but honest.

In these sentences, both and and but are coordinating conjunctions.

Again, let us take an example:

Viren is honest though poor.

Here, though is a subordinating conjunction.  


*            Uses of Conjunctions


1.        Not only ..... but also is used before those words which it stresses.

2.        Neither is followed by nor while either is followed by or.

3.        Both is followed by and.

4.        Though and although are followed by yet.

5.        Even if is followed by but.

6.        That cannot be used to express interrogative or imperative expression.

7.        Whether is followed by 'or' or ' not'.

8.        When is used when two actions take place one by one; if two actions are simultaneous, use while.

9.        Lest is followed by should, if it is negative, do not use another negative with it.

10.      No sooner is followed by than, just after no sooner we use helping verb.

11.      Other is followed by than.

12.      Until is used for time while unless is used for condition. They are negatives and so you should not use any negative with them.

13.      Scarcely, hardly and barely are followed by when. After scarcely, hardly, etc. we use helping verb first before the subject.

14.      So and so that are used for cause and purpose, so they cannot be used in negative.

15.      Nothing is followed by but.

16.      After these verbs, like treat, regard, describe, present, portray, define, depict, etc. we use as before noun

17.      Such is followed by as.    

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