Judging Logic of Actions

Category : 9th Class

*       Judging Logic of Actions


Introduction: In this category, you have to evaluate the reason of your logic and understanding to form a sequence of an action. Basically, it involves your correct judgment and power to consider a fact so to present it in a sequential order for quick appraisal.  





  \[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: Bernard Shaw is a great playwright.

P: For example, 'Pygmalion' and 'Arms and the Man.

Q: His plays are anti-romance.

R: With Oscar Wilde he shared a brilliance in dialogue.

S: To be a dramatist of great power and originality he learnt from Ibsen how to manage the stage with a contemporary setting.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{6}}}\]: Shaw had an ear for all the rhythms of speech.

(a) P Q R S                                                          

(b) Q P S R                                          

(c) P R S Q                                                           

(d) R S P Q                

(e) None of these                


Answer: (b)  



  \[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: Over the last 40 years, we have acquired a tremendous amount of experience.

P: We had both successes and failures.

Q: It is up to us to formalize our experiences, document them and make them available to those countries.

R: I think if there is one country today which is most qualified to transfer technology to the newly developing countries, it is India.

S: This has provided us with a great reservoir of talent.                

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{6}}}\]: But we can go these less developed countries and offer help only if they see us.

(a) P Q R S                                                          

(b) P S Q R

(c) P S R Q                                                           

(d) Q P R S

(e) None of these                


Answer: (c)  



  \[{{\text{S}}_{\text{1}}}\]: The writer's duty though not easy to fulfill, is perfectly simple to state.

P:   He must be honest with himself and with others.

Q: It is to preserve his integrity.

R: He must ignore threats and promises alike with his literary and artistic ideals.

S: He must ignore threats and promises alike.

\[{{\text{S}}_{\text{6}}}\]: In these circumstances he will soon come to realize that he must be at the service of truth and of truth alone.                

(a) P Q R S                                                          

(b) Q P R S                                          

(c) R P Q S                                                           

(d) S P Q R

(e) None of these                


Answer: (b)    

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