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Introduction: Writing message is an art, and the art to write a short and clear message is a very important writing skill which needs to be mastered. Most often the input for a message comes in the form of a telephonic conversation between two people.  




1.   A general telephone conversation between Amit and Raja.

Operator: Hello, Times and Trend, how can I help you?

Raja: This is Raja Gupta. Can I have extension 3421?

Operator: Certainly, hold on a minute, l'll put you through...

Amit: Mr. Simon's office, Amit speaking.

Raja: This is Raja Jaiswal calling, is Ms. Anee in?

Amit: l'm afraid she's out at the moment. Can I take a message?

Raja: Yes, could you ask her to call me at 5465456. I need to talk to her about the recent tender which is released by the department looked after by Ms.

Anne: It's urgent.

Amit: Could you repeat the number please?

Raja: Yes, it's 5465456, and this is Raja Jaiswal.

Amit: Thank you Mr Jaiswal, l'll make sure Ms. Anne gets this as ap.

Raja: Thanks, bye.

Amit: Bye.


2.    A business telephone conversation (ordering a pizza).

Anil: Hello! Is it Pizza Hut?

Operator: Welcome sir, you are connected to Pizza Hut. This is Sheela. How can I help you?

Anil:I want to order a pizza and want it to be delivered at my home.

Sheela: Sure, sir. We will deliver the same at your house.

Anil: How long will it take for you to deliver the pizza?

Sheela: It will take sharp 35 minutes to deliver. By the way, may I know the address please?

Anil: It is 75/90 B, Gole Market, 2nd Floor.

Sheela: Fine, sir, your address is within the 5 km service point and so it will not take even 35 minutes, but only 25 minutes.

Anil: That's great to hear.

Sheela: Sir, which pizza would you like to order?

Anil:I would like to order a regular pizza for 4 persons along with Coke.

Sheela: OK, sir, I have taken your order and the delivery man will be there at your place soon.

Anil: Thank you, Sheela. It was nice talking to you.

Sheela: You're welcome, sir. It's my pleasure to serve you. Bye

Anil: Bye.


3.    Anand Mr. Joshi talk over telephone regarding an official advertisement that had appeared in the newspaper.

Mr. Anand: May I speak to Mr. Joshi?

Operator: Just a minute, connecting...

Mr. Joshi: Hello, Joshi this side. Who's speaking?

Mr. Anand: Hello, Mr. Joshi. This is Anurag Anand this side. Hope you remember?

Mr. Joshi: Yes, Mr. Anand, tell me, how are you. How can I help you?

Mr. Anand: I have called regarding the advertisement of your company that has come today in the newspaper regarding supply of paper.

Mr. Joshi: Yes, Mr. Anand. We have called a tender for the same and the lowest bidder will be offered the tender. You can collect the requisite form for our office or even download it from our company's website and deposit the same post filling it up along with a security money mentioned in the advertisement.

Mr. Anand: Sure, Mr. Joshi. I will do that.

Mr. Joshi: Do remember to submit the tender before the closing date else the form will be rejected.

Mr. Anand: I will do that. It was nice talking to you.

Mr. Joshi: It's my pleasure. Thank you.

Mr. Anand: Welcome, Mr. Joshi.

Mr. Joshi: Bye and take care.

Mr. Anand: Bye. 



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