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Find the appropriate meaning of the underlined words from the given sentences.  


  After the family left about a decade ago, the house was abandoned.

(a) Relinquished                                              

(b) Abdicated                   

(c) Forsaken                                                      

(d) Deserted

(e) None of these  



  He became adept at getting even the shyest students to talk.

(a) Skilled                                                           

(b) Apt                                 

(c) Expert                                                           

(d) Clever

(e) None of these  



  We can deduce a lot from what people choose to buy.

(a) Infer                                                              

(b) Conclude                     

(c) Imagine                                                        

(d) Presume

(e) None of these  



  Whole of the police department in our country is inefficient and corrupt.

(a) Dishonest                                                    

(b) Pervert                         

(c) Debased                                                       

(d) Sullied

(e) None of these  



  The prisoner claimed the police had fabricated his confession.

(a) Made up                                                      

(b) Morphed                     

(c) Invented                                                      

(d) Constructed

(e) None of these  



  The gloom deepened as the election result came in.

(a) Obscurity                                                     

(b) Sadness                       

(c) Murkiness                                                   

(d) Depression

(e) None of these  



  Campaigners claim that the animals are not being kept in humane conditions.

(a) Kind                                                               

(b) Caring                           

(c) Merciful                                                        

(d) Sympathetic

(e) None of these  



  The level of inflation is a serious impediment to economic recovery.

(a) Obstacle                                                       

(b) Barrier                          

(c) Hindrance                                                    

(d) Hurdle

(e) None of these  



  They were accused of inciting the crowd to violence.

(a) Instigating                                                   

(d) Urging                           

(c) Stirring                                                          

(d) Provoking

(e) None of these  



  The noise was so incessant that the room was to be vacated.

(a) Constant                                                      

(b) Ceaseless                    

(c) Perpetual                                                     

(d) Ongoing

(e) None of these  



  He replied with haughty disdain.

(a) Overbearing                                               

(b) High-minded              

(c) Proud                                                            

(d) Arrogant

(e) None of these  



  He had managed to create the entirely spurious impression that the company was thriving.

(a) Fake                                                               

(b) Counterfeit                

(c) Sham                                                             

(d) Deceptive

(e) None of these  



  Although the situation is bad there is no cause for concern.

(a) Caution                                                         

(b) Desire                           

(c) Attention                                                     

(d) Anxiety

(e) None of these  



  We gave him assurance regarding the safety of his things.

(a) Decision                                                       

(b) Payment                      

(c) Permission                                                  

(d) Promise

(e) None of these  



  He is considered by everyone as a man of virtues.

(a) Power                                                           

(b) Dishonesty                 

(c) Qualities                                                       

(d) Responsibility

(e) None of these    


In the following questions, there are four alternatives, out of which you have to choose one meaning that best expresses the meaning of the given words.  



(a) Conspicuous                                               

(b) Vivid                                              

(c) Distinct                                                          

(d) Vague

(e) None of these  




(a) Smart                                                            

(b) Skilful                            

(c) Frank                                                             

(d) Active

(e) None of these  




(a) Polite                                                             

(b) Rude                             

(c) Sincere                                                          

(d) Plain-spoken

(e) None of these  




(a) Internal                                                        

(b) Crucial                           

(c) Mechanical                                                  

(d) movable

(e) None of these        




(a) Dutiful                                                           

(b) Real                               

(c) Nervous                                                       

(d) Difficult

(e) None of these  




(a) Doubtful                                                      

(b) Disputable                  

(c) Duplicate                                                      

(d) Dangerous

(e) None of these  




(a) Scared                                                           

(b) Embarrassed              

(c) Dumbfounded                                           

(d) Humiliated

(e) None of these  




(a) Innumerable                                              

(b) Immeasurable           

(c) Prolonged                                                    

(d) Exterior

(e) None of these                        




(a) Authentic                                                    

(b) Legitimate                   

(c) Reliable                                                         

(d) Pure

(e) None of these  




(a) Indecent                                                      

(b) Incorrigible                 

(c) Ridiculous                                                    

(d) Intolerable

(e) None of these        




1.         D 2.         C 3.         D 4.         A 5.         B 6.         D 7.        B 8.        A 9.       D 10.       D
11.       C 12.       A 13.       D 14.       D 15.       C 16.       C 17.      C 18.      D 19.      B 20.       C
21.       A 22.       C 23.       D 24.       A 25.       A  





1.     (d) 'Abandoned' means 'something which is no longer in use'. In context to the passage, the correct synonym of 'abandoned' will be 'deserted'.    

2.     (c) The correct synonym of 'adept' will be 'expert' in context to the sentence.    

3.     (d) The correct synonym of 'deduce' will be 'presume' in context to the sentence.    

4.     (a) The correct synonym of 'corrupt' in context to the sentence will be dishonest'.    

5.     (b) The correct synonym of 'fabricated' will be' morphed' in context to the sentence.    

6.     (d) The correct synonym of 'gloom' will be 'depression' in context to the sentence.    

7.     (b) The correct synonym of 'humane' will be 'caring' in context to the sentence.    

8.     (a) The correct synonym of 'impediment' will be 'obstacle'.    

9.     (d) In context to the sentence, the correct synonym of 'inciting' will be' provoking'.        

10.   (d) The correct synonym of 'incessant' will be 'ongoing' in context to the sentence.    

11.   (c) The correct synonym of 'haughty' will be 'proud' in context to the sentence.    

12.   (a) The correct synonym of 'spurious' will be 'fake' in context to the sentence.    

13.   (d) Concern means to cause worry or anxiety. The correct option will be anxiety.    

14.   (d) The meaning of assurance is to pledge or guarantee. In context to the meaning affirmed in the sentence, the correct option will be promise.

15.   (c) The appropriate option will be responsibility as it is the correct synonym of virtues.    

16.   (c) The correct meaning will be distinct.    

17.   (c) The synonym of ingenuous is frank and so is the correct option.    

18.   (d) Candid means soft spoken and decent. The correct synonym will be plain-spoken.    

19.   (b) The appropriate synonym for pivotal will be crucial.    

20.   (c) Fretful means worried or anxious. Here the correct option will be nervous.    

21.   (a) The meaning of dubious is uncertain, confusion, etc. The correct meaning for dubious will be doubtful.    

22.   (c) The correct option will be dumfounded here.    

23.   (d) External means outdoor or that which is not inside. The correct option here will be exterior.    

24.   (a) Genuine means unadulterated and real. The correct option will beau then tic.    

25.   (a) Obscene means lewd and offensive. The correct option will be in decent.      





  •     Word meanings are also called synonyms as they provide the same of similar meaning as the given word.
  •     A good stock of words puts you at ease to understand the language adeptly.
  •     There are different words with almost identical or similar meanings in English language.
  •     Some of the words can be used in different parts of speech; you just need to understand the sense of their usage.  





  •     Developing vocabularies by the way of learning one or two words a day.
  •     These words can be used in dialects to store them in memory as without using them, you are sure to lose them for from your mind.
  •     Words that are similar in meaning are called synonyms.    





  •     Possessing a good store of vocabulary can make you an expert in understanding the language of English.
  •     It is important to learn at least two new words a day and implement them in regular dialect.
  •     A good store of vocabulary gives confident to speak English correctly and express your intended desire.
  •     The subjective reading of newspaper daily helps to develop vocabulary sand understand the concept of different subjects.      

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