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Personal selling is an ancient art. It is a two way communication between seller and buyer. Personal selling occurs when an individual salesperson sells a product, service or solution directly to a customer. Now, companies are spending large amount of money each year to train the sales representatives.


Steps in Personal Selling


Personal selling takes place in the following ways

  • Prospecting and Qualifying

Before planning a sale, a salesperson conducts research to identify the people or companies that might be interested in the product. A prospect is a lead that is qualified or determined to be ready, willing and able to buy.

  • Pre-Approach

The pre-approach is the 'doing your homework   art of the process. A good salesperson researches his prospect, familiarising himself with the customer s needs and learning all the relevant background information.

  • Approach

The first impressions (e.g., the first few minutes of a sales call) are crucial to build the client's trust. This usually involves introductions, making some small talk, asking a few warm-up questions and then explaining who you are and whom you represent. This is known as approach.

  • Presentation

The presentation should be tailored to the   customer, explaining how the product meets that person or company's needs.

  • Handling Objections

After the sales presentation by the sales representative, it is quite natural for the customer to have some hesitations or concerns which are known as objections. Good salespersons look at objections as opportunities to further understand and respond to customers need.

  • Closing the Sale

Eventually, if the customer is convinced that the product will meet his demand, he closes by agreeing on the terms of the sale and finish up the transaction.

  • Follow Up

Post sales activities that often determine whether an individual who has made a recent purchase will become a repeat customer. It helps to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


Characteristics of Personal Selling


  • It is a creative activity.
  • It involves personal relationship between customer and salesman.
  • It is a two way communication of marketing.

            \[Customer\rightleftharpoons Seller\]

  • It is an oral presentation.
  • It is based on social and individual activity.
  • It is a tool to sell the product or service.
  • It is a relationship marketing.

            An effectively trained company sales force can make four important contributions

  1. Increase Stock Position
  2. Build Enthusiasm
  3. Conduct Missionary Selling
  4. Manage Key Accounts


Significance of Personal Selling


Following benefits of personal selling show its significance

  • Benefits the Consumers

By making conversation with salesperson, the customer gets help in identifying the product of his need and the price range that suits him and by giving the requisite information about the company and the product.

  • Benefits the Business

Personal selling helps a business in increasing its sales. Identification of new customers and persuading them to buy can be done effectively through personal selling.

  • Benefits the Society

Sales persons inform the consumers about the introduction of new products, if any. On their feedback, company improves the product and tries to match it with the demand/preference/ requirements of the consumers. It leads to more value to the society and more business as well.

            Difference between Personal Selling and Advertising

Personal Selling




Confined to particular area   

Generally covers larger number of people

Two-way communication     

One-way communication

Only one Channel of transmission

Wide choice of channels

Used only for promotion and sales of products

Used for various other purposes such as seeking jobs, offering services 

Aims at selling existing products

Aims at enhancing goodwill/customer base

Salesmen get salary or commission or both 

It involves one time of expenditure 

Effectiveness depends upon qualities of the salesman 

Effectiveness depends upon design of advertisement


Qualities of a Good Salesperson


Some of the common qualities which a salesperson must possess are as follow

  • Impressive Personality

Personality is a mixture of many traits like physical appearance, sense of dressing, way of talking, manners, pitch of voice, habits, etc. So, a salesperson should have an impressive personality and should also look a very friendly person.

  • Good Behaviour

A salesperson should be a well-behaved person with an ability to interact with people comfortably. He should also be cooperative, a patient listener who can understand the requirements of the prospective buyer.

  • Ability to Communicate and Persuade

The salesperson must speak confidently, clearly and audibly. Good communication skill coupled with good product knowledge helps the salesperson in persuading the customer to buy.

  • Persistence

The salesperson must know the art of persistence. He/She requires a sense of determination to convince the customers to buy.

  • Mental Qualities

A good salesman should possess certain mental   qualities like imagination, initiative,    self-confidence,    sharp memory, alertness, etc.

  • Knowledge of the Product and the Company

He should be able to explain each and every aspect of the product i.e., its qualities, how to use it, what precautions to be taken, etc. to the prospective buyer.




  • Personal selling facilitates the process of production, distribution and consumption.
  • In order to qualify the prospects, one needs to plan a sales approach, determine the products meeting the need and rank the prospect.
  • A contract of sale may be absolute or conditional. It includes a sale and an agreement to sell.
  • Conversion means converting a buyer into a seller.
  • Cross selling means selling to existing customers.


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