JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry GOC Steric effect

Steric effect

Category : JEE Main & Advanced

On account of the presence of bulkier groups at the reaction centre, they cause mechanical interference and with the result the attacking reagent finds it difficult to reach the reaction site and thus slows down the reaction. This phenomenon is called steric hinderance or steric effect.            

(1) Tertiary alkyl halides having bulky groups form tertiary carbocation readily when hydrolysed because of the presence of the three bulky groups on the carbon having halogen.

(2) Primary alkyl halide having quaternary \[\beta \]-carbon does not form transition state because of the steric strain around \[\alpha \]-carbon by the \[\beta \]-carbon. To release the strain it converts into carbocation.

(3)  Steric strain inhibits the resonance. This phenomenon is known as steric inhibitions of resonance.  

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