JEE Main & Advanced Physics Ray Optics Rainbow


Category : JEE Main & Advanced

Rainbow is formed due to the dispersion of light suffering refraction and TIR in the droplets present in the atmosphere. Observer should stand with its back towards sun to observe rainbow.

(1) Primary rainbow : (i) Two refraction and one TIR. (ii) Innermost arc is violet and outermost is red. (iii) Subtends an angle of \[{{42}^{o}}\]at the eye of the observer. (iv) More bright

(2) Secondary rainbow : (i) Two refraction and two TIR. (ii) Innermost arc is red and outermost is violet. (iii) It subtends an angle of \[{{52.5}^{o}}\]at the eye. (iv) Comparatively less bright.

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