10th Class Science Metals and Non-metals Question Bank 10th CBSE Science Metals and Non-metals

  • question_answer   Define the terms: (a) Mineral (b) Ore (c) Gangue.  [NCERT, CBSE (AI) 2006]


                      (a) Mineral: The inorganic element or compound which occurs naturally in the earth's crust is called mineral. For example, copper pyrites (CuFeS2), cuprite (Cu2O), etc. are the minerals of copper (b) Ore: The mineral from which a metal can be extracted profitably and conveniently is called ore. For example. Bauxite (Al2O32H2O) and Clay (Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O) are the minerals of aluminium. But extraction of aluminium is cheaper and easier from bauxite. Hence, bauxite is the ore of aluminium. Thus, "every ore is a mineral but every mineral is not ore." (c) Gangue: The unwanted impurities of sand and rocky materials present in the ore are known as gangue or matrix. We get a concentrated ore by removing the gangue present in it.

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